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Renewable Hydrogen

Douglas PUD requested Senator Hawkins sponsor legislation to authorize public utility districts to produce, distribute and sell renewable hydrogen.  At times, there is an oversupply of electricity on the market. When the sun is shining, the wind is blowing and the mountain snowpack is melting, power prices are low or even negative. Hydroelectric operators are forced to generate electricity rather than spill water which adds total dissolved gas to the river which negatively impacts fish.

The ability to use that excess electricity to produce renewable hydrogen would be an efficient use of resources and an environmental benefit. Traditionally hydrogen is produced using natural gas and steam reforming.  Douglas PUD would use the electrolysis method, separating the hydrogen from oxygen using an electric current. Renewable hydrogen is produced with a renewable resource with no carbon associated with the production or consumption of the fuel.

With this authority, Douglas PUD is researching a 2-3MW renewable hydrogen pilot project to determine if it would be beneficial for our operations and customer owners. Renewable hydrogen can be used to store energy, compressed for a transportation fuel or put in a pipeline for industrial purposes.

There were 33 senators who co-sponsored SB 5588. It passed the committees and floor debates with unanimous support at each vote. Governor Inslee signed the legislation April 17, 2019. 



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