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Be A Wise Consumer

Research Conservation Claims

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are companies in the area that provide a free dinner and promise to cut utility bills by up to 40% with the installation of costly conservation materials. Your Douglas PUD encourages customers to research these offers. With the low cost of power in our area, even if the claims are true it would take many years to recover the required up-front payment.

For example: The average Douglas PUD customer uses about 2,100 KWh per month. If a customer actually got a 40% reduction in usage through these conservation materials, it would amount to about $17 per month or $204 a year savings. These materials can cost as much as $5,000. That would mean it would take nearly 25 years before the initial investment is paid for!

If you are looking to cut your utility bills, please contact Douglas County PUD at 509-884-7191. A conservation specialist would be happy to help you find low-cost ways to save electricity.

Utility Account Payment Scam

Douglas County PUD customers have reported fraudulent phone calls from someone claiming to be from the power utility threatening to shut off their power if they don't pay. Customers have been asked to wire money, give out banking information or to buy a pre-paid card and call back with the card information. Douglas County PUD never asks customers for this type of payment.

Local law enforcement authorities urge customers to not give out any personal information. If you get a suspicious call, hang up and call Douglas County PUD at 509-884-7191 to verify your account status.

Estafa de pago de cuenta de utilidades

Los clientes del PUD del Condado de Douglas han reportado llamadas fraudulentas de alguien que dice ser de la utilidad y amenaza con apagar su luz si no pagan. Las personas que llaman han solicitado dinero por transferencia electrónica, dar información bancaria o comprar una tarjeta pre-pagada y regresar la llamada con la información de la tarjeta. PUD del Condado de Douglas nunca le pide a sus clientes estos tipos de pagos.

Autoridades locales insisten a los clientes a no dar ninguna información personal. Si recibe una llamada sospechosa, cuelgue y llame al PUD del Condado de Douglas al 509- 884-7191 para verificar su estado de cuenta.