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Strategic Plan

PUD No. 1 of Douglas County

Strategic Plan

Revised July 18, 2011

Mission Statement:

To provide the best possible utility services at the lowest possible cost consistent with sound business principles.

Value Statements:

• Douglas PUD makes policy decisions in open public meetings with consideration of community needs, public input, and the best interests of the District.

• Douglas PUD is fiscally responsible.

• Douglas PUD is environmentally responsible.

• Douglas PUD is service oriented and responsible to its public owners.

• Douglas PUD values its employees.

• Douglas PUD employees take ownership in the services they provide and the

assets for which they are responsible.

• Douglas PUD provides a safe workplace and promotes a safe community.

• Douglas PUD pursues regional issues through and is committed to the success of its industry associations.

Planning Statements:

• Douglas PUD follows an Integrated Resource Plan for electric supply focused on meeting resource needs with owned assets or long-term contracts.

• Douglas PUD prefers renewable resources in new power-supply decisions.

• Douglas PUD is committed to local and bulk electric system security and reliability.

• Douglas PUD promotes information-age technology development.

• Douglas PUD monitors growth potential to plan system changes proactively.