Douglas PUD History

People of Douglas County vote to form PUD. Made possible by the passage of 1930 Initiative 1 championed by the Washington State Grange
illustration os men in suits gathered around a work truck with the sign Farmer's Unite
Douglas PUD begins operation of electrical facilities acquired from Washington Water Power in northern part of the county
Old work truck with a sign that says Helping put Bridgeport on the map
Douglas begins operation of the electric facilities acquired from Puget Sound Power & Light Company in the southern part of the county, including Orondo, East Wenatchee and Rock Island areas
District filed a license application for the Wells Hydroelectric Project with the Federal Power Commission
Wells Project began generating power
Wells Juvenile Fish Bypass System officially approved to guide young fish downstream through spillways
Douglas County Community Network was launched to provide ultra-high-speed broadband to customers
Habitat Conservation Plan signed to ensure the Wells Project has no net impact on mid-Columbia salmon and steelhead runs, accomplished through a combination of juvenile and adult fish-passage measures at Wells Dam, off-site hatchery programs and evaluations, and habitat restoration work conducted in tributary streams upstream of the dam
Relicensed Wells Project for another 40 years of operation
Renewable Hydrogen Pilot Project broke ground
A man making an announcement with three employees standing in the background wearing hard hats and holding shovels