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Join us as we survey the utility landscape to design the roadmap of our future

Strategic planning presentation discussing the pressures and opportunities ahead for Douglas PUD.

Staff presented proposed electric rate adjustments for 2026-2030. The average residential customer would see an increase of around $3 per month, small commercial would increase an average of $6.40 per month. “We want to give our customers small predictable rate adjustments so they know where we are headed and can plan accordingly.” said General Manager Gary Ivory.  The generating capacity of Wells Dam allows Douglas PUD to sell excess generation, not needed to cover local load, at a higher market rate. That market revenue is used to keep retail rates lower for our local customers. As loads grow in county through electrification of transportation and economic development there will be less market revenue from wholesale power sales which will put pressure on retail rates. This process balances the charges in a fair, non-discriminatory, cost-based, predictable approach.  Rate Adjustment hearings will continue through April with Commissioners setting rates sometime after that.

May 7, 2024,  PUD Commissioners approved rate setting guidelines for staff. Prior to setting rates, the Commission wanted to memorialize the principles used to set rates into the future. “PUDs were created to serve our local rural residents and businesses,” said Ron Skagen, PUD president. “As our communities grow, the commission wanted to protect the standards used to determine rates.” Those principles include:

  • Rate schedules shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Rate Schedules shall be established at least one year before becoming effective
  • Rate Schedules shall capture all costs necessary to provide reliable service to its customers
  • Rate schedules shall provide adequate reserves and rate stabilization funds
  • Rate schedules shall be guided by cost-of-service analysis but prioritize the wholesale power sales benefits from the Wells Hydroelectric Project to residential and commercial services
  • Large loads, present higher risk profiles than foundational customers and shall generally be served from the District’s Rate Schedule 4 – Energy Delivery Service to preserve the Wells Project electricity for future generations of Douglas County, in accordance with the purpose expressed in the PUD Authorization Act. 

May 7, 2024 PUD Commissioners authorized rate adjustments to the Customer Service Policies. After careful consideration of the District’s current and future financial needs a staged rate increase on certain electric rate schedules is effective January 1, 2026 through 2030.