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Commission Meeting Report 2018-08-27

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Ronald E Skagen, Molly Simpson and Aaron J. Viebrock executed the following actions during the August 27, 2018 Commission meeting held at the District’s Bridgeport office:

Heard bid opening results from bid documents18-29-W,construct Conklin Landing RV Park. All bids will be evaluated prior to a recommendation for contract award.

Held the public hearing on the Utility Resource Plan. No members of the public were present and no comments were received in writing. The hearing was closed.

Authorized addendum No. 2 to bid document 18-20-W, East and West Embankment field exploration at the Wells Hydroelectric Project. Necessary to increase the number of boreholes as recommended by the Board of Consultants. (18-141)

Awarded contract 18-29-W, construct Conklin Landing RV Park to Hurst Construction, LLC the lowest responsive bidder.  (18-142)

Affirmed an interlocal cooperative agreement with Grant PUD for Lamprey collection 2018-2021. Necessary to implement measures in the Wells Aquatic Settlement Agreement with a cost not-to-exceed $10,000. (18-143)

Approved a professional service agreement with D. Rohr and Associates, Inc. 2018-2021. Assistance with regional governmental, regulatory, power and natural resources issues will not-exceed $36,000 and will conclude August 31, 2021. (18-144)

Authorized amendment No. 12 to Agreement for Engineering Services with HDR Engineering under contract 11-13-W. This change will increase the not-to-exceed cost by $500,000 to continue to provide hatchery related engineering support and extend the agreement through December 31, 2019.  (18-145)

Approved a professional service agreement with the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation for Wells Hydroelectric Project Archaeological monitoring.  This agreement will not-exceed $84,651 and will conclude May 30, 2019. (18-146)

Authorized a professional service agreement with Cultural Resource Consultants, LLC for Wells Hydroelectric Project Archaeological monitoring.  This agreement will not-exceed $28,071 and will conclude May 30, 2019. (18-147)

Approved the Utility Resource Plan cover sheet for 2018. This must be submitted to the Washington Department of Commerce every two years as required by RCW 19.280. (18-148)

Received the preliminary budgets for the Distribution System and Wells Hydroelectric Project for calendar year 2019.

The preliminary Distribution System budget includes a 1.5% increase in KWH charge for the two highest KWH usage tiers of the general service schedule.  There is not an increase to the first tier usage for average residential customers. Working capital is expected to increase $5.8 million. The preliminary capital budget is $17.58 million, of which $12.6 million is for electrical facilities. The balance of capital spending is for improvements and new connections to the Douglas County Community Network, for new equipment, and for right-of-way easement costs.

Wells Project Revenue Budget estimate is equal to the Operating Expense Budget at $41.2 million. The preliminary Capital Budget totals $56.1 million. Major items include generating unit refurbishment, 300T gantry crane replacement, recreation action plan items and generator circuit breaker replacements.

Received the Environmental Reviews of the preliminary budgets.

A budget hearing has been set for October 8th at 1:30 p.m. at the District’s East Wenatchee office.

The next meeting of the Commission is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. September 10, 2018 at the District’s East Wenatchee office.

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