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Commission Meeting Report 2022-10-10

Meaghan Vibbert

Public Information Officer

(509) 881-2221

News Release – October 10, 2022

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Aaron J. Viebrock, Molly Simpson and Ronald E Skagen executed the following actions during the October 10, 2022 Commission meeting held at the District’s East Wenatchee office:

Commission and Odegard-Harris
Commissioner Viebrock, Jeff Odegard-Harris, Commissioner Simpson, Commissioner Skagen

Awarded Jeff Odegard-Harris, Technician III with his thirty year service award. Commissioner Viebrock thanked Jeff on behalf of the citizens of Douglas County for his years of service. He thanked the Commission, talked about various roles he has had at the utility and said “Its gone fast! It’s been a blessing for myself and family. The culture here is amazing. The productivity and comradery makes this a great place to work. You never run out of things to learn.”

Opened the hearing on the Electric Distribution System and Wells Hydroelectric Project for 2023. The hearing will remain open until December 12, 2022.

Opened bids under bid document 22-58-W, milling machine for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. All bids will be evaluated prior to a recommendation for contract award.

Affirmed change order No. 1 to contract 21-30-D, supply and deliver tubular steel poles for the Rapids to Columbia 230 kV Transmission Line. Changes include a Structural Engineer stamp for large structures increasing the cost $41,600 and extending the completion date to October 31, 2022. (22-169)

Approved change order No. 2 to contract 22-17-W, Methow Hatchery groundwater valve replacement. A time extension to November 1, 2022 is necessary due to supply chain delays. (22-170)

Authorized amendment No. 1 to professional service agreement with CBS Field Services under contract 22-32-D. Contract extension to December 16, 2022 is necessary due to delayed construction of Lincoln Rock Switchyard. (22-171)

Approved a call for bids under bid document 22-43-D, Rapids to Valhalla rebuild.  Necessary to rebuild and reconductor the 115kV transmission line. (22-172)

Authorized a call for bids under bid document 22-60-D, Douglas to Urban Industrial Transmission wire.  Necessary to connect the transmission lines. (22-173)

Approved land use permit 88-03, Deborah O’Connell. The permit is for use of Project lands for existing landscaping. (22-174)

Authorized renewal of Directors and Officers and Employment Practices Liability Insurance with AEGIS. (22-175)

Approved renewal of Fiduciary Liability Insurance with AIG. (22-176)

Authorized a call for bids under bid document 22-13-D, hydrogen production and fueling facility. (22-177)

Approved a request for qualifications under RFQ 22-26-D, construction management for hydrogen facilities. The District has a need for an owner’s representative and construction management to assist completing phase I of the Hydrogen Production and Fueling Facility construction project (22-178)

Authorized a request for qualifications under RFQ 22-53-W, resident engineering support for the generator rebuild and unit refurbishment at the Wells Hydroelectric Project. Looking for an engineering firm with special expertise in engineering construction management and field inspection with experience in the design, operation, maintenance, and renovation of hydro turbines, generators, and auxiliary systems. (22-179)

Rejected bids under bid document 22-55-W, Methow Hatchery residence. The one bid was over the engineer’s estimate and the budget for the project. (22-180)

Approved a call for bids under bid document 22-57-W, spillway and spillway gate maintenance at the Wells Hydroelectric Project. To ensure reliable operation of spillway gates at the Wells Hydroelectric Project, specific improvement, repair, and maintenance activities are required. (22-181)

Authorized the District and Goodwin and Goodwin to settle all claims and actions involving condemnation proceedings against the subject property for acquisition of a transmission and communication lines easement, Tract 9. (22-182)

Heard a report on the Douglas County Community Network. The network currently has 7,518 end users.

The next regular meeting of the Commission is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. October 24, 2022 at the District’s East Wenatchee Office. 

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