Commission Meeting Report 2022-12-12

Meaghan Vibbert

Public Information Officer

(509) 881-2221

News Release – December 12, 2022

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Aaron J. Viebrock, Molly Simpson and Ronald E Skagen executed the following actions during the December 12, 2022 Commission meeting held at the District’s East Wenatchee office:

Closed the budget hearing for the Distribution System and Wells Hydroelectric Project for calendar year 2023.

Approved signing of a pole attachment license agreement with PUD No. 1 of Chelan County for various poles located in Chelan and Douglas Counties. (22-216)

Authorized acceptance of work and final payment to Transamerican Power Products, Inc. under contract 22-16-D, steel poles for the Rapids to Valhalla Transmission Line. All work is complete and determined to meet bid specifications. (22-217)

Approved acceptance of work and final payment to KRCI, LLC under contract 22-17-W, Methow Hatchery groundwater valve replacement.  All work is complete and determined to meet bid specifications. (22-218)

Authorized a call for bids under bid document 22-70-D, ADSS Tracking Resistant Fiber cable for the 230 KV Line. Necessary to extend the network for the control system and replenish stock. (22-219)

Approved renewal of general liability and automobile insurance with Everest National Insurance Company and Markel American Insurance Company. (22-220)

Authorized District purchase of pollution legal liability insurance with Markel. (22-221)

Approved amendment No. 2 to the Interlocal cooperative agreement with the Town of Mansfield. This will increase the rate of compensation to account for increased costs since the agreement was signed in 2014. (22-222)

Adopted the 2023 Distribution System budget which includes a previously approved 3% increase in KWH charge for the highest two usage tiers of the General Service schedule (over 25,000 KWH). Data Centers will see a 5% increase January 1 and July 1 and Cryptocurrency customers a 10% increase January 1 and July 1 for their rate schedules. Working capital is expected to increase $15.8 million. The preliminary capital budget is $47.7 million, of which $16.5 million is for electrical facilities. The balance of capital spending is for the Hydrogen Project, improvements and new connections to the Douglas County Community Network and new equipment. (22-223)

Adopted the 2023 Wells Project Revenue Budget estimate is equal to the Operating Expense Budget at $63 million. The preliminary Capital Budget totals $47.6 million. Major items include generating unit refurbishment, mobile crane, Motor Control Center replacement, fire protection upgrade, GUS Transformer replacement and Governor Controls upgrade. (22-224)

Approved the Environmental Reviews for the 2023 Distribution System Capital Budget and the 2023 Wells Hydroelectric Project Operating, Capital and Extraordinary Expense Budget. (22-225)

Affirmed change order No. 2 to contract 20-27-W, 2021-222 forebay debris removal services for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. This increased the not to exceed cost $12,000 to account for additional deep clamming in front of the Trashracks on three units. (22-226)

Authorized change order No. 4 to contract 21-49-D, construct Urban Industrial Substation. Changes include additional ground well drilling, cable, conductor and hardware and changing of phase orientation increasing the not to exceed cost $611,564. (22-227)

Approved professional service agreement 22-68-W, engineering support services for the Generator Step-Up Transformer Replacement at the Wells Hydroelectric Project with Doble Engineering Company.  (22-228)

Authorized an Interconnection and Service Agreement with Microsoft Corp. as required by the Customer Service Policies, Section 36. The seven year agreement allows for economic development while still providing reliable and affordable service for residential and business customers. The agreement provides the terms under which Microsoft will receive power from a third-party and receive service under the District’s Rate Schedule 4. (22-229)

Approved waiving the formal competitive bidding requirements to purchase distribution transformers due to market conditions. (22-230)

Authorized waiving the formal competitive bidding requirements to purchase Methow Pond covers from Alaska Structures. The proprietary shell and anchoring system can only be acquired from the manufacturer Alaska Structures. (22-231)

Approved amendment No. 6 to professional service agreement with Electrical Consultants, Inc. Necessary to cover the additional work related to the Rocky Reach to Chelan Falls 115 kV Transmission Line, Hydrogen Project, and Orondo Substation. The change increases the not to exceed cost $820,000. (22-232)

Authorized a legal services agreement with the law firm of Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn and Aylward, P.S. Effective January 1, 2023 through January 1, 2024. (22-233)

Authorized a legal services agreement with the law firm of Lee Lewis Law, PLLC Effective January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023. (22-233)

Authorized a legal services agreement with the law firm of Van Ness Feldman, LLP. Effective January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023. (22-233)

Approved the renewal of excess liability insurance coverage with AEGIS Insurance Services and Energy Insurance Mutual. (22-236)

Heard a report on the Douglas County Community Network. The network currently has 7,572 end users.

The next regular meeting of the Commission is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. January 9, 2022 at the District’s East Wenatchee Office. 

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