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Commission Meeting Report 2018-09-10

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Ronald E Skagen, Molly Simpson and Aaron J. Viebrock executed the following actions during the September 10, 2018 Commission meeting held at the District’s East Wenatchee office:

Opened bids under bid document 18-20-D, East and West Embankment field exploration at the Wells Hydroelectric Project. The bids will be evaluated prior to a recommendation for contract award.

Opened bids under bid document 18-30-W, supply and deliver seven 15kV, 600 AMP Padmount Switchgear. The bids will be evaluated prior to a recommendation for contract award.

Phelps 25 web.jpg


Commissioner Skagen, Commissioner Viebrock, Ray Phelps, Commissioner Simpson

Awarded Foreman Wireman Ray Phelps with his twenty-five year service award. Commissioner Skagen thanked Ray on behalf of the citizens of Douglas County for his years of service. Ray thanked the Commission and said “It has flown right along.  This is a great place to work. It’s nice that we stay up with technology so we have good equipment to work with.”

Authorized signal transport agreements with Turner Network Sales, Inc.  These agreements are required by most networks to receive and transport the signal over the Douglas County Community Network. (18-149)

Approved change order No. 5 to contract 17-12-W, Pateros dock replacements and boat launch improvements.  This change adds gates to exclude public from the gangways during dock maintenance.  This will increase the not-to-exceed cost $2,341 for a total not-to-exceed cost of $750,811.  (18-150)

Appointed compressed air medical directors for the Wells Hydroelectric Project.  The District is required to appoint one or more licensed physicians trained in the physical requirements and the medical aspects of compressed air work and the treatment of decompression illness. (18-151)

Approved letters to and continuation of an agreement with the U.S. Geological Survey, United Stated Department of the Interior relative to 2018-19 river-gaging station maintenance and operation costs. River gaging is related to the operation of the Wells Hydroelectric Project and the cost is not to exceed $27,780. (18-152)

Authorized a renewable energy certificate purchase and sale agreement with ACT Commodities, Inc. Under this arrangement ACT Commodities has the right to claim and report non-power attributes associated with the District’s share of Rocky Reach and Nine Canyon generation occurring during calendar year 2017. (18-153)

Approved an interconnection and service agreement with Blackhawk Development, Inc., as required by the Customer Service Policies, Section 36. (18-154)

Heard a report on the Douglas County Community Network. The network currently has 4,473 end users.

The next meeting of the Commission is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. September 24, 2018 at the District’s East Wenatchee office.

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