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Commission Meeting Report 2018-10-08

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Ronald E Skagen, Molly Simpson and Aaron J. Viebrock executed the following actions during the October 8, 2018 Commission meeting held at the District’s East Wenatchee office:

Held the scheduled hearing for the Distribution System 2019 budget and the Wells Project 2019 budget.

Adopted the 2019Distribution System budget which includes a 1.5% increase in KWH charge for the two highest KWH usage tiers of the general service schedule.  There is not an increase to the first tier usage for average residential customers. Working capital is expected to increase $5.8 million. The preliminary capital budget is $17.58 million, of which $12.6 million is for electrical facilities. The balance of capital spending is for improvements and new connections to the Douglas County Community Network, for new equipment, and for right-of-way easement costs. (18-167)

Adopted the 2019 Wells Hydroelectric Project budget. The Wells Project Revenue Budget estimate is equal to the Operating Expense Budget at $41.2 million. The preliminary Capital Budget totals $56.1 million. Major items include generating unit refurbishment, 300T gantry crane replacement, recreation action plan items and generator circuit breaker replacements. (18-168)

Approved the Environmental Reviews for the 2019 Distribution System Capital Budget and the 2019 Wells Hydroelectric Project Operating, Capital and Extraordinary Expense Budget. (18-169)

Authorized acceptance of work and final Payment to Cascade Cable Constructors, Inc. under contract 17-09-D, provide traffic control services. All work is complete and determined to meet bid specifications. (18-170)

Approved acceptance of work and final payment to Galvanizers, Inc. under contract 18-09-D, supply and deliver bus support steel for the Lone Pine Substation. All work is complete and determined to meet bid specifications. (18-171)

Authorized change order No. 1 to contract 18-28-D, supply and deliver control and relay panels for the Lone Pine Substation. The change will include a component of the control and repay panels that was left off the original specifications. This change will increase the cost $472 bringing the total not-to-exceed cost to $98,470. (18-172)

Approved notice to proceed for the fifth unit generator work under contract 06-41-W with Toshiba American Energy Systems Corporation. (18-173)

Authorized amendment No. 3 to professional service agreement 12-23-W, with Erlandsen and Associates, Inc. This amendment will extend the term to December 31, 2020 and incorporate a revised rate schedule. (18-174)

Approved amendment No. 4 to Professional Service Agreement 13-03-W with Erlandsen and Associates. This will allow for continued engineering and construction support, increase the not to exceed limit $500,000 for a total not to exceed amount of $2,840,000, incorporate a revised rate schedule and extend the term of the agreement to December 31, 2020. (18-175)

Affirmed change order No. 17 to contract 14-19-W, Wells Hatchery Modernization. Necessary to address intent of the mitigation programs and provides a safe working environment for District personnel. This change order increases the contract $61,533 bringing the total not to exceed limit to $37,866,185. (18-176)

Approved renewal of Information Security and Privacy Liability Insurance with Beazley. (18-177)

Authorized renewal of Fiduciary Liability Insurance with AIG. (18-178)

Approved the renewal for Directors and Officers and Employment Practices Liability Insurance with AIG. (18-179)

Heard a report on the Douglas County Community Network. The network currently has 4,514 end users.

The next meeting of the Commission is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. October 22, 2018 at the District’s East Wenatchee office.

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