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Commission Meeting Report 2019-12-23

​Douglas County PUD Commissioners Ronald E Skagen, Molly Simpson and Aaron J. Viebrock executed the following actions during the December 23, 2019 Commission meeting held at the District’s East Wenatchee office:

Continued collecting public comment on the proposed Electric Rate. General Manager Gary Ivory presented information on load growth, Clean Energy Transformation Act compliance, infrastructure needs, customer class KWH usage and the proposed rate changes. Sixty seven people attended the public comment portion of the meeting with 30 making a comment. Commissioners thanked the public for attending.  No action was taken.

Adopted the 2020 Distribution System budget with no rate increase included. Working capital is expected to decrease $6.8 million. The capital budget is $32.3 million, of which $22 million is for electrical facilities. The balance of capital spending is for improvements and new connections to the Douglas County Community Network, for new equipment, and for right-of-way easement costs. (19-169)

Adopted the 2020 Wells Project Operating Expense Budget which totals $41.2 million. The Capital Budget totals $40.3 million. Major items include generating unit refurbishment, 300T gantry crane replacement, recreation action plan items and generator circuit breaker replacements. (19-170)

Approved the Environmental Reviews for the 2020 Distribution System Capital Budget and the 2020 Wells Hydroelectric Project Operating, Capital and Extraordinary Expense Budget. (19-171)

Authorized a legal services agreement with the law firm of Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn and Aylward, P.S. Effective January 1, 2020 through January 1, 2021. (19-172)

Approved engagement letters with Cordell, Neher & Company for deferred compensation plan administration. (19-173)

Authorized amendment No. 1 to the Interlocal Cooperative Agreement for operating the Withrow Water System with the Town of Mansfield.  The change will add operation of the Wells Hydroelectric Project water system to the agreement and increase the compensation to $400 per month. (19-174)

Approved acceptance of work and final payment to Spokane Roofing C​ompany, LLC under contract 19-03-D, East Wenatchee facilities roof membrane replacement. All work is complete and determined to meet bid specifications. (19-175)

Authorized amendment No. 2 to professional service agreement 13-21-W with Pacific Appraisal Associates, PLLC. The firm is engaged in a number of continuing projects for the District that will extend beyond the present term of the agreement. It would be difficult and inefficient to transfer these tasks to another survey firm. This amendment will extend the term of the agreement to December 31, 2022 and incorporate a revised rate schedule. (19-176)

Approved a request for qualifications for 19-30-W, engineering consulting services for repairs, maintenance and alteration of infrastructure at Douglas PUD hatchery facilities. (19-177)

Authorized task order Nos. 4-05, 6-05 and 7-05 under the Master Consulting Services agreement with Stantec Consulting services, Inc for Contract Administration, Resident Engineering & Construction Management, and Factory Shop Inspection and Reporting for the fourth unit. This extends the contract to August 31, 2020 and increases the agreement by $1.16 million. (19-178)​

Approved amendment No. 1 to the Professional Service Agreement with Scott Jonas to extend the time of performance to December 31, 2020 and increase the not-to exceed amount to $90,000. (19-179)

The next meeting of the Commission is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. January 13, 2020 at the District’s East Wenatchee office. 

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