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Energy Efficient Lighting

 Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL)


Compact fluorescent lights (CFL) are a good option for energy efficient and cost saving lighting compared to a traditional incandescent light.  CFLs typically use 75% less energy and last 10 times longer than incandescent lights.  In fact, if every American homeowner replaced just one light bulb with an Energy Star compact fluorescent lamp, it would save enough power to light more than 3 million homes for a year.

There is a concern about disposal of a CFL due to the small amount of mercury in these bulbs.  Home Depot has a free in-store CFL recycling program. Look for the signs and collection units, place your unbroken CFL in a provided plastic bag and deposit it in the bright orange collection unit. The bulbs will then be managed responsibly by an environmental management company who will coordinate CFL packaging, transportation and recycling to maximize safety and ensure environmental compliance.

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