​Wells Hydroelectric Project FERC License No. 2149


The goal of the Pacific Lamprey Management Plan (PLMP) is to implement measures to monitor and address impacts, if any, on Pacific lamprey (Lampetra tridentata) resulting from the Wells Hydroelectric Project (Wells Project) during the term of the new license. 

Public Utility District No. 1 of Douglas County (Douglas PUD), in collaboration with the Aquatic Settlement Work Group, has agreed to implement several Pacific lamprey Protection, Mitigation and Enhancement measures (PMEs) in support of the PLMP. 

The PMEs presented within the PLMP are designed to meet the following objectives: 

  • Identify and address any adverse Project-related impacts on passage of adult Pacific lamprey
  • Identify and address any Project-related impacts on downstream passage and survival and rearing of juvenile Pacific lamprey
  • Participate in the development of regional Pacific lamprey conservation activities.

Actions under the PLMP include conducting studies of Pacific lamprey passage at Wells Dam and identifying, implementing, and evaluating potential structural or operational modifications that may improve lamprey passage.  Other activities include measures to improve upstream fishway counts of adult lamprey and identifying and evaluating juvenile lamprey habitat in the Project area.

Aquatic Settlement Agreement Annual Reports