Wells Hydroelectric Project FERC License No. 2149

The Wells Hydroelectric Project (Wells Project) contains 2,664 acres of land, 9,740 acres of open water and 123 miles of PUD owned and managed shoreline along the Columbia, Okanogan and Methow rivers.  The Wells Project is located within the northern limit of the central semi-arid steppe zone of Washington State.  The Project contains a diverse array of habitat and land uses ranging from irrigated agricultural orchards to wetlands, from riparian deciduous trees to upland desert shrub steppe cover types.  These diverse and unique habitats are actively managed through Douglas PUD’s coordinated implementation of its Land Use Policy, Wildlife and Botanical Management Plan, Avian Protection Plan, and Wells Wildlife Area and Resident Fish Settlement Agreement with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (Off-License Settlement Agreement).  These five documents are critical to the successful management of the diverse array of wildlife, botanical and shoreline resources found within the Wells Project.