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About DCCN

The Douglas County Community Network (DCCN) is an ultra-high-speed, broadband network designed for Douglas County PUD’s electric system. The network includes hundreds of miles of fiber-optic cables lit by cutting-edge Ethernet equipment. 

This network enables safe and effective monitoring and control of the PUD’s electric system.  

As added benefits to the customer owners of Douglas PUD, the DCCN offers high speed broadband services such as Internet access, Internet Protocol TV (IPTV), and Voice over IP (VoIP). These benefits are available to residents, businesses, and government agencies throughout Douglas County. 

The network also interconnects with many regional network providers as well as adjacent PUD networks. This connects Douglas County to the world.

Wired Broadband

By focusing intently on delivering reliable broadband at the fastest possible speeds for the lowest possible cost, the DCCN team has been able to reduce construction costs significantly since construction began in 1999. 

One way we reduced costs was to bring fiber to the transformer instead of all the way to the home. A category 5 cable (cat5) is installed from the transformer to the homes or businesses served by that transformer. This reduces fiber optic cabling by 75% and significantly reduces the amount of equipment necessary to serve each end user without diminishing connection speeds.

Wireless Broadband

In areas where wired connections aren’t feasible (e.g., much of the Waterville Plateau), the DCCN offers wireless broadband. While wireless broadband offers less bandwidth than hardwired connections, it is far better than satellite or dial up connections–the only other available options.

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