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Keep Warm This Winter

As the weather turns colder, here are some tips to help maintain a comfortable and
energy-efficient home:

  • Set your thermostat as close to 68 degrees as comfortable. Lower it when going out or on vacation.
  • If you have a heat pump, running it on emergency heat will turn on your furnace costing you more.
  • Change or clean those heating filters regularly.
  • Dress warmer on colder days, it’s less expensive than turning up the heat.
  • Check to make sure your foundation vents are closed. If your vents do not close, taping a piece of plastic on the outside will help considerably. This will keep your home warmer and help protect against frozen water pipes.
  • If you’ve had problems with freezing pipes in the past, consider letting a cold water faucet drip continuously when the temperature is the coldest.
  • Check the weather stripping on exterior doors and windows. Adjust or replace it if you can see light around the door.
  • If you’ve decorated with holiday lights, only turn them on for a few hours in the evening.
  • During the day, make sure all unnecessary lights are off, particularly outdoor lighting.
  • Close your drapes to help retain heat. Make sure your heating registers are not covered by the drapes.

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