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2013 Rates (January 1, 2013)

From District Resources including
Hydroelectric, Wind and Solar Power:
Schedule 1, General Service

Daily Charge $0.333
KWH Charge $0.0233
Demand Charge (Monthly) $1.40/KW greater than 50 KW
Minimum Charge $8.80/mo. Plus $3.80/KW>30

Schedule 2, Irrigation Service

Demand Charge (Seasonally) $18.10/KW
Demand Charge (Monthly) $2.20/KW
Energy Charge $0.0125/KWH
Minimum Seasonal Charge $55.50
Minimum Monthly Charge $2.20/KW connected load

Schedule 3, Street Lighting And
Area Lighting Service (Daily Rate)

150/200 watt high pressure sodium $0.341
400 watt high pressure sodium $0.593
Customer Choice Options:

Schedule 4, Energy Delivery Service
(For alternate energy supplier)

Daily Charge $0.333
Energy Delivery Charge $0.0171/KWH
Ancillary Services $0.0009/KWH

Schedule 5, Alternate Renewable
Resource Service (To encourage new
renewable resources, available to
general service customers)

Charge $7.50 per 100 kWh increment