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August 2002 Summary of Customer Comments on Federal Restructuring Activity


Comments received the week of October 7

Rates are high enough now – give us a break – it’s hard now to try to make ends meet – Don’t raise rates!
Gayle White

Maria Cantwell said Bonneville was a federal agency & therefore FERC had no authority over it.  Is that true?  If so how can they change and regulate transmission lines if Bonneville owns 75% of them?
Jim and Rae Barnett

I’m with you.      Angie Schall

No Changes!!       Lyle Deines

STOP FERC – Keep our local control.  Listen to “us” the people. 
Benjamin Hurst

Don’t let the FERC control our PUD!  Those changes would not help us or the federal gov’t.  Thanks for joining the NPW.  Keep up the fight.  Grants in aid bring on fed control.   
John Dissmore

Please keep us Douglas County PUD – you have always done well by us = (US) – meaning the public – We do not need FERC telling us what to do.
John & Glenna Post

I am a Douglas County PUD District No. 1 consumer.  I want our utility structure to stay like it is.  I want the states to have the ability to protect consumers.  I am in a low cost area – I want my electric rates to stay low.

Esther Langley

I am extremely opposed to the FERC changing or altering the way that our utilities are bought/sold/or transmitting of electricity.  Please allow our electricity system to remain as it is. 
Sincerely, Gladys Hunter

Tell the Feds to keep their hands off the Douglas County system.  It’s ok the way it is.  We don’t need another bureaucracy to run any more of the private sector.    
Dorman Housden

Not enough our taxes built the dams.  Now they want to charge us twice for the electricity we already paid for.  (Double Indemnity)  At lease we’re not nuclear, yet!!!
Donald Rollins

I retired and moved to this peaceful valley from the Snohomish Co. area.  I wanted to get away from congestion, pollution & higher utility rates.  I oppose “FERC” trying to take control & impose higher rates for us.  I don’t want to pay for other people’s power & utilities.  I can just afford my own.  Let’s keep it local!!       
Richard Isaascson

Why do we have hydro electric power to begin with/ for Bonneville Power to serve us and keep our cost to where we can afford the electricity?  Why does bureaucracy always seem to get in the way of everything?  Probably money in their pockets.  We vote NO.    
Elizabeth Bisque

I think this attempt to put Douglas County PUD output into a pool just to lower energy costs in other parts of the country fostered by jealousy & greed.  Refuse.      
Lou Babst

We think there should be no changes as (FERC) wants to.    
Don & Myrna Smith

No to FERC.     
Lorree Anna Dixon

We want things to stay the way its always been not to have anything to do with Fed. En. R. Com. taking care of our PUD.    
The Picards

Comments received the week of September 30

We don’t need federal government sticking their nose into something that does not need fixed. Thank you for standing up for our rights.     
Lee & Bonnie Reynolds

You are doing a great job.  Lets fight to keep it.  Thank you so much for the efforts you are putting into your jobs.    
Reuben & Kay Schaver

Simply put, I am very accustomed to and really appreciate the current utility payment system.  But will my opinion truly be heard?  I am only one of thousands of “little” customers, whose future power programs are based on the decision of a handful of “big” people. 
Nicole Moore

Leave the power alone.  Keep the power where we can afford it.   
Harold Running

FERC’s plans for SMD to total bureaucratic nonsense are extremely punitive to already economically distressed orchard and farm owners.  Will FERC guarantee that our irrigation power bills will stay the same or be reduced?  Will they compensate apple growers that are forced into bankruptcy because of increased costs?     
Henry & Vallena Munro

You people are doing a great job.  Keep it up!  We don’t need FERC. 
Lois Stephens

We can manage our utility in our county.  Why do we need the over bearing interference of the federal government that wants to protect people from other poorly managed utilities.  Clear up the weak PUDs locally!    

I would like our dams to stay the way they operate now.  Douglas Co. PUD does a great job.  I am not too sure about Chelan PUD?  The Feds should stay out.  It didn’t work in California.  Keep our dams local.  Anything I can do let me know.  I am proud of Public Utility District No. 1 of Douglas County and the employees.  Thank you.    
Mike Nevers

I do not have a computer and probably won’t get one since I am 97 years old.  If you have any information regarding FERC – please mail it to me.  Thank you.       
Mrs. N. E. Stannard

We want to continue with the Public Utility District.      
Jim & Janet Shrable

NO!!  To this bureaucratic power grab!    
Bob Rowe

We need to stop FERC.  A regional RTO would be a waste and burden that accomplishes nothing for the Northwest.    
Phil Schober

I think “FERC” is a bad idea.      
LaVerne Provo

Comments received the week of September 23

NO to Federal Government changes.         
Jackaline Carmichael

If it is not broke – don’t fix it.  We shouldn’t be penalized for California’s short sights.  That is their problem, not ours.  Also, Douglas Co.  P.U.D. would be in a lot better shape if you would have kept Gary Donabauer _ look what he did for Chelan Co. P.U.D. – Just like the Mariners who let Randy Johnson get away.   
J. Paul Downs

I’m pleased with our power the way it is and feel we should retain the status quo!  Let other states contribute to wasteful California.  Thank you,   
Mike Myers

Please keep the FERC out of our utility.  Once they get in it all goes crazy as we know from our experience with health care and Medicare.  This is our utility.      
Carolyn Kirkpatrick

Please no changes in the electric system we now have.    
Evangeline Parsons

We do not need more paper jobs filled by Government appointees.  Our PUD and Bonneville is doing a good job.  NO to more control.    
Connie Carmichael

Thank you for communicating with the public about what is going on.  Keep working for all of us.  Our rates are wonderful; let’s keep it that way.  
Roger & Mary Ellen Gill

Dear Sir:  I believe P.U.D. should continue as is.  I live on a fixed income and would like to see things as they are, no to the federal government.  Thank you.       
Betty Miller

To the FERC:  Leave us alone!  It works – Don’t fix it!  We have way too many federal bureaucrates as is.
Richard Watson

We do not want price increases in our power bills.  We support the efforts of Douglas Co. PUD.  
Virginia Smith

We want our power services to remain the same, in terms of quality, service, and price.  NO rate increases!  
Hugh and Kellie Theiler

NO! to FERC’s proposals!!       
Jack and Patricia Powers

Yes, I would oppose any more regulations.  But what can individuals do about this?  Do we get a vote?  Sincerely,  
Patrick Smith

When are we going to tell the Federal government to quit invading our lives and refuse to obey their demands?  That’s why we had a war with England!         
Larry & Doris Chester

Douglas County has the lowest electricity rates of anywhere I’ve lived.  “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”  I “vote” no for altering the way utilities buy, sell & transmit electricity.    
Judy Artley

We say “NO” to energy price manipulation.    
Bob & Candy Hagen

We agree – “No” to energy price manipulation.    
Leonard and Joyce Regehr

Do not make any changes – Leave as is.      
June Hayes

We are paying enough for our electricity!  We sure do hope they won’t do this.  We are retired seniors & find it hard to get by each year. 
Quindon Jones

 I like it as it is!  Thanks.    
Denise Chandler

I have emailed both Washington State senators with my concerns.  Thanks for telling us about this potential problem.      
Jim Edlund

“NO” to any further government interference or bureaucracies.    
Mary Lou Patrick

I agree with you and will support it anyway you want us to.  Yours truly,    
Ervin & Vera Goytowski

I believe there is no reason to change the way things are.  With no certain benefits, we sure don’t need changes or a rate increase.    
Milly Sunkel

I don’t want FERC to alter the way utilities buy, sell and transmit electricity.  I also don’t want RTO. 
L. H. Morgan

I oppose FERC changes, since they have a negative impact on decisions best made regionally. 
Dale & Janet Crouse

I appreciate the way business is conducted @ PUD #1 or Douglas County.  I agree, do not accept FERC proposals.      
Robert Massey

We would oppose these proposals as changes are not needed.    
Jan Delzer

No Changes!!       Jeff May

NO!  We like it like it is.      
Lewis Clark

Our taxes paid to build our dams.  The government should not force additional tax burdons on us as a lot of us are seniors on a fixed income.    
Ed Crouch

Change is good!  Sometimes!  This change is not good.  You people are doing a good job – do not let FERC happen.     
Jerry Pennington

We appreciate your efforts.  Say “No” to the raises.  I am on the low cost plan and it was raised from $56.00 to $62.00.    
Nellie Gidley

The federal government should keep their nose out of this.  They already make more money off of utilities than they pay out for our military arms and personnel.    
Harold Reddell

Please leave the Douglas County PUD the way it is.  We have had excellent service at a reasonable cost.  
Howard Tisher

I join Douglas PUD and Northwest Power Works coalition in opposing the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission proposal.  I vote “No” to energy price manipulation.    
Ernestine Pieper

We oppose RTO West and any FERC proposals.  We like the way the Bonneville P.A. serves us now.  
Claude and Jane Case

We already have Bonneville to carry our extra.  We don’t need another.  Hope we have a snowy winter that gives us plenty water for power this next year.   
Clarice Morgan

The Federal Government is to make roads and military strong.  Keep them out of our lives.  
Robert Bagdon

I don’t understand this.  I thought we owned our dams.  I don’t believe anyone should take over our dams.  They are jealous of our cheap power!  Please don’t let them take over the dams! 
Helen Taylor

Comments received the week of September 16

I think the new organization is both a bad idea and will lead to more waste and higher utilities. I oppose it.
Wendy McLeod

I concur that a federal agency is not required to dispatch power.  This is a setup to benefit others, not this PUD.    
Ronald F. Krohn

FERC must have some reason for considering this action.  Would like to understand why. What is FERC’s side of this issue?    
Stanley G. Nelson

I agree NO to RTO – West.  As a former Chelan PUD employee and wife of a PUD retiree, we know what happens when local decisions get turned over to Federal Government. Please fight it all the way.
Marilyn Thysell

Do not make changes!      Rick Bryant.

I appreciate being able to take part in your budget plan.  I have been pleased with Douglas County PUD all these years. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

I do get so frustrated, discouraged with those who sit around trying to figure out how to get more money from citizens who are trying to do the very best they can to make ends meet!  
Beulah Brown

Remember California – NO Federal control or involvement!  Keep the choices in public control.
E & M Enterprises

Please continue to oppose FERC changes.  Thank you.    
Hank Klundt

We agree with you that these changes are not needed.  Please let us know what else we can do. 
Tom & Sally Moore

Of  course, I do not want to pay more for power, taxes or other.  I am on a fixed income, as a lot of other seniors.  Of course my answer would be NO to any manipulation, government, power/or otherwise. 
James & Eleanor Nash

I do not want FERC changing the present system.  I can see no good for this area if it does. 
Richard Moody

I have always been amazed and greatly appreciative of the fiscally sound management of Douglas Co. PUD.  Thank you once again for doing all you can to keep us off of the “energy gluttons’” bandwagons.
Debi Neuberger

The Federal Government should keep hands off our utility structure – and our utility managers need to be mindful of Enron & other crooks!  
William & Naomi Wood

We in Douglas County are so fortunate to have the expertise & knowledge of men governing our power.  “NO” to energy price manipulation of FERC. 
M. Duane Selland

Thanks for your leadership in protecting Douglas County ratepayers.  We need local control!
Ann & Terry Koch

We think the PUD has to build and maintain too many parks which costs a lot of our money.  We do get good service and enjoy our electricity.
Mrs. Don E. Odell

We say  NO to FERC! 
Lyle & Mary Deskin

Certainly agree with your thoughts here – Everything is just right the way it is!  J  Thanks for all your good work here in H20ville.
Elinor Hinderer

Please, I do not want or need any changes in the way the electricity system is currently being run.  We can’t afford higher energy prices.  We are retired!  Thank you.
Carolyn Hamilton

The Federal Energy Reg Comm needs to leave us alone – “Don’t fix something that isn’t broke.”
Cecil & Claudine Bogunovich

We do not want more federal government controlling, please do not change anything. 
Carolyne J. Provo

I do not wish federal government to make changes in the electricity system costing more money.
Ginny R. Morris

I don’t believe the federal government should interfere with our counties public utility district – no more federal government control.     
Leah Ann Sperl

Why change when change is not needed – except to take more from the little people.  Cost of living is high enough in this valley.  We should concentrate on the things that do need change.  We strongly vote NO!
Robert & Bobbie Sparks

PUD No. 1 of Douglas County has done quite well conserving resources to provide consumer demands when needed and very excellent planning to minimize rate increases to consumers.
Charles and Mary Wilfong

We are satisfied with the system that is being used.  Would like for it to stay the same.  Thank you.
Nola Joyner

If it ain’t broke - don't fix it - We don't need any more bureaucracy.  
Richard Mueller

We want to keep FERC out of our area as much as possible!  We're doin' jes' fine w/o them.
John & Brenda Banta

Every time there is change, there is added cost to us seniors.  We don't need that.  
Alvin Descombaz

We do not want any changes made in the PUD. The government just wastes money! 
Leonard Breckenridge

I have been very pleased with Douglas County PUD - rates have been very good - you have done a wonderful job for all of us in this county!!  Keep it up - when I hear my kids electrical bills in Spokane Valley and Seattle, I am forever grateful to you all - Thanks!!    
June Reems

Thank you, PUD, for keeping our rates low.  I hope nothing happens to change that. 
Mrs. Carl Nielsen

With everything else increasing, we surely don't need our power to increase.  We have already paid for Dams so we could have lower rates, what more do they want, our blood?    
Rhonda Whinery

Thank you for the privilege to vote.  Things suit me the way they are.  I feel sure the Dams are well guarded.    
Irma Carmichael

We feel that the local PUD is doing a great job in helping us to continue to have reasonable power bills and do not want any changes.     
Marion & Arvella Hagens

I think we should take care of our own electricity because we know own problems best.  We don't need the problems that California has.  We don't need outside people telling us how to deal with our electricity.
Gladys M. Hansbrough

Thank you for working to keep our rates low.  As a wage earner and bill payer, I very much appreciate it.
Carolyn Parish

Leave the decision making at the local level.  Don't send us into the Californian downward spiral.  Keep your fingers out of our power pie especially!     
Lester Richey

With limited income for senior citizens, we have to put limits on excessive spending.  Please stop the FERC.     
Alex Tittle

Our electricity system is the best and for seniors on fixed incomes, our rates are very fair and the service is great!  No changes, please.      
Patricia Miller

Stick to your guns on this.  You've done things right so far and I have complete confidence in your ability to continue to do so.  You've put those clowns across the river to shame.  (I'm a retired Chelan PUD Chief Operator).    
David Allen

We say "NO" to raising electrical prices.  Senior citizens have a hard time meeting raising utility prices now.  We are the ones who gave up ground for the Dams and should have low electrical prices.
The Gene Erbs

No changes needed.          Robert Linkem

Please don't make any changes that will cost us more money and are not needed.  Thank you.
A.M. Reineckee

I agree – there is no reason to change the way we are being charged for our electricity.  I am definitely against it.    
Peggy Thompson

Comments received the week of September 9

Please tell them to leave things alone. 
Donald W. Akers

BPA and the federal government need to save homeowners energy dollars.  Please do not make changes that could increase our power bills.  There are people that can't afford to sustain life now with the cost of power. 
Duane Axtman

No to changes by the Federal Government!!    
Mark Rojo

RTO West not needed.  Further expense not needed.  Local control much better.  
Nanine Welty

Local bond issue money paid for these dams.  Federal and State Governments have no authority to regulate pricing of these locally owned electricity.  It is a power grab, stay independent.    
Michael R. Kehl

I don't believe the FERC has any right to change things, they should leave things alone.
Bernice Montgomery

Please do not do anything to make our bills higher.  We can hardly make ends meet now.
Ron & Laudell Smith

Please!! Nothing to cause higher prices.  Our state, especially our community, cannot pay higher prices.  An ex-apple grower.    
Lena Cordell

JUST SAY NO - No change or additional bureaucracy is wanted or needed.  The PUD is "Top Heavy" enough.  We don't need any more Feds sticking their noses in!!!  RTO is just California trying to grab our power.     
Kevin Davis

We do not need the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to alter our utilities. 
Doris Olson

It amazes me that we seem to have no one in Government that has sense enough to handle our tax money.  Why we need a new "bureaucracy" to mess up a good system is incomprehensible.  I vote NO to their spend-spend plan.    
Charlotte Whipple

Don't raise the rates!!  Estelle Moeck

We want the Douglas PUD to stay the way it is operating at the present time.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Haberman

The Federal Government should do more to reduce the costs of Government programs and keep their sticky hands out of Public Utility organizations.    
Shirley Hunter

We don't need FERC and besides we can't afford it.    
Palmer & Ruby Anderson

Why is it Government does not want us to spend the money we make on what we want?  They want us to give them our money so they can spend it on what they want!  Tell them NO!    
Jay Holland

I oppose RTO West because it takes away local control, raises rates, and creates an unnecessary bureaucracy.  No to new taxes and higher power rates!!  
Jerald Jones

Thank you for the opportunity to share my concerns.  Please fight to keep the system we have in place. You have done a great job for your customers.  I like the policies and system we have now!  
Daryl Rochek

I wonder why FERC wants to change.  I always thought Douglas PUD was doing a good job and I am against the Federal Government.  It should not change the way the PUD is doing, it's great.  
Kirmeth Olson

No FERC, please.  We helped California saving as much electricity as we could when they needed it.  Enough is enough.      
Mrs. Richard Bennett

We don't need any new bureaucracy!  Bonneville Power is alive and well!!  We sure do not need or want either, more costs OR regulators that are not accountable to anyone.  No changes please.    
Avis Stephens

We like it like it is and don't see any reason for the Federal Government (FERC) to change anything.
Lawrence & Ruth Benton

Please don't feed the Feds, vote Libertarian!!    
Tom & Barbara Stahl

I don't think that some people in Waterville could afford to pay more since the food has gone so high and other cost of living.    
Mary Hull

Bainbridge Manufacturing came to Waterville because of low power rates and a ready to go labor market.  We need to attract more manufacturers like Bainbridge.  Keep our rates low, we do not need another expensive bureaucracy.  We do not need RTO West!!  
David L. Slagle

Low electric rates are favorable to our local economy as it attracts commercial investment and industrial growth to our area, thereby creating more employment opportunities for the citizens of Douglas County.
Joseph Mullen

I think the Douglas PUD is doing a good job and far better than putting utilities disbursement in the hands of the Federal Government.  Washington, DC doesn't have a clue on what is best for us!    
Nadra Rivers

PUD of Douglas County is doing a good job; let's keep it that way.   
Del Jacobson

The Federal Government has taken control of too much already, keep them out of our PUD!
Stanford Skinner

Tell the Government if they want to manipulate the electrical rates, we in small towns should have access to natural gas that they enjoy. 
Harold E. Badten

NO - leave it the way it is!!!       Sharon Kelley

Do not make us pay you for what is already ours.   Mark & Trudy Clark

We want our power bill to stay as it is, we don't need FERC changes. 
Elmer Daggett

Please - no changes and no increase.  We are seniors on a limited income, everything keeps going up up, and nothing comes down.  We try to get by with what we have but it is getting harder each month.  So we do not need an increase.    
Gerald L. Phelan

The only way I'd want to see changes made is to lower the rates for senior citizens on limited budgets.
Jessie Moore

We strongly oppose any Federal intervention - there is already far too much governmental intervention!!  Sincerely,       
Lee and Tamara Dambis

I'm on Social Security disability and after paying the doctors and pharmacies and dentists, I don't have much left over for anything else.    
Allan & Pamela Dais

NO!         Winifred Johnson

Keep our electric bills low.    George & Charlene Weller

We are opposing any change that would up our electricity system.
Betty Holden

We feel that there is far too much government in our lives now.  We do not need this proposal.
Norman Cady

Douglas County PUD is more conservative and serves customers better than Chelan County PUD.
Lou Babst

As an educator with decreasing salary due to skyrocketing health care costs, I am opposed to FERC's plan to alter the way we purchase, sell and transmit electricity.    
Loretta Manke

To Whom It May Concern:  We think that there shouldn't be anything changed. It is perfect the way it is. 
Mr. & Mrs. Loyd Musgrove

You have my vote against FERC.  New government bureaucracy always cost more.  Keep up the good work.         
Gary Ludeman

We are very happy with our present system!  Please don't change anything that will cost us more money.
Beth Critchell

Please stick to your idea that we do not need another regulatory commission.  Thank you.    
Karl E. Hoidal

To Whom It May Concern:  Don't make any changes in the electric system that will cost us money.
Sadie Short

I understand that the economy and cost of living is going up, but it's really hard to pay higher electricity bills and higher rent when you only make minimum wage and are a single parent trying to make ends meet.  Please consider the ones that are trying to make a living and not pass any such bill for higher electricity.
Maria Lucia Canales

We have enough expenses the way it is now without any more. 
Hurley M. Carr

I agree there is no reason to put a Federal agency on top of what we have in the Northwest.  I also feel that California's system is NOT a good example of how to handle power needs.      
Dolores & Irving Garney

The Federal Government does not make money on anything (Post Office - Social Security and anything else it gets it's hands on).  Please stay as is!  I cannot afford anymore changes on my bill.   
Felicia Braun

Comments received the week of September 3

I am not in favor of any changes that would increase power rates. 
Hood Worthington

We say “NO” to energy price manipulation.    
Brent & Amy Broaddus

YES, LET’S STOP “F.E.R.C.”!!  We completely agree with your position.  We will try to get through to our elected federal representative on this issue.  Please keep us informed.       J
John Mellard

NO GOVERNMENT CONTROL!  Let’s put some controls on those abusive bonuses for the PUD commissioners.  After all it’s not their power but the publics!!!  We are paying them very well!!

I am on a limited budget of Social Security and a very small retirement.  If my power bill goes any higher I will have to do without cooking so I do not use 220.  My rent is $500 and takes up most of Social Security.
Alma Jonn

It seems the PUD has been managed well over the years.  The duty of Douglas County PUD is to serve Douglas County.  NO EXTERNAL REGULATORS ARE WELCOME OR NECESSARY.
Renee & Gary Foland

It was wrong for the power companies to extort high prices from areas that suffered from unusual circumstances; said action being the cause for the problem noted above.  It is also wrong for the federal government to cause rate increases from efficiently run power companies to subsidize those operations that have made choices of inefficiency.  Another example of big government with a liberal mind set punishing the proficient and rewarding the undeserving.  The stupidity of liberal politicians & their bent on need for larger government is taking this country down a path of potential demise from within.  Thanks for the opportunity to vent my anger and disappointment over this mess.  Good luck in trying to get thru to some wisdom.    
Keith Thrapp

I cannot imagine anybody who is served by the P.U.D. wanting this to happen.  There seems to be no advantage to the people who depend on the P.U.D. None!!    
Ora Mae Wright

The government already intrudes into everyones lives too much.  We don’t need any more intrusion & regulation.  Please oppose this.  
Irmer Farms

We like the way we are being billed now and don’t want the FERC to meddle into our business.
Walter Irmer

#1  We need to keep local control of our PUD – We back the decisions that are made locally.
#2  Too much money has been spent by Federal programs – re: “fish”  Joe& Gloria Bourton

I too would like to join Douglas PUD in joining with Northwest Power Works opposing these proposals in order to protect ratepayers.    
Myrna Nelson

Don’t change a thing!  Thank you.  
John Raese

Keep up the good work!  We have been very privileged to have reasonable electric rates.  Thanks!
Mary Ellen Long

To keep my rates down, I will or would do whatever is necessary.  With rising costs of everything else, we do not need to pay costly for our power. 
Zane Barr

Ladies & Gentlemen – I Georgia Wood being a elderly low income person I certainly wouldn’t want any higher electricity prices.    
Georgia Wood

Tell the government to let each state take care of their own power needs.  Quit selling or giving our power to other states.  Let’s take care of our own state first.      
Bob & Sandy Buckland

Don’t mess with our current system, it couldn’t be any better.  
The Cranwells

NO – NO!!  We do not need a new bureaucracy.       
Iris Rose

I think this is getting out of hand.  I’m so tired of the way things are going.  I hope and pray this doesn’t happen.    
Berta King

It’s just fine the way it is.  I think you are doing a great job.  
Patsy Allen

Our Opinion:  Keep things the way they are.    
A. H. Lawrence

Dear Uncle Sam, Given how deregulation & regulations have increased our rates, will you kindly leave our P.U.D. alone?  Many thanks. 
Elizabeth Solomon

We do not want “RTO WEST”.  Let’s keep our power in local hands.  One only has to look what happened in California.  We don’t want that here.  Send out address so we can write in to these people.
Donald Kramer

I agree with your efforts to prevent more meddling by the Federal government.  I also encourage the PUD to hold the line on unfairly high salaries, wages and benefits not affordable to small businesses who comprise the larger percentage of the G.N.P.  Thank you for inviting my opinion.    
Erik Abrahamson

We appreciate our low cost, dependable power.  Please keep things the way they are. 
Debbie Jensen

We strongly oppose the federal government getting involved in making changes in the electricity system.  We will contact our members of Congress and express our opposition to this.  “Big Brother” is much too involved in our lives already!  If there is anything more we can do to oppose this, let us know!
Louis & Elizabeth Branch

The Federal government already did us an injustice with deregul.  Keep the government out of any dealings & leave it to free enterprise.  Thanks.
William Rockwell

These changes the Federal government wishes, would they be “policing” the energy companies?  Or perhaps controlling rate increases?  I would like to find out about all the pros & cons! 
Liane Jansen

Comments received the week of August 26

We are not in favor of anything that costs more money for electricity.  Thank you that we can comment on this.  Will contact our Congress members.       
Robert and Melba Gotshall

We cannot afford an increase in our PUD bill.    
Chester Birks

Re above, I called Doc Hastings and expressed my concern.  The next thing to do is grab our rifles and man the barricades.      
Bill Wooten

NO!!!      Yvgeniy Afanasy Vlasov

With the amount of profit PUD makes if any changes are made it should be to decrease our bills.
Bill Redmon

I do not like the idea of the Federal Gov. messing with our electricity.  We are fortunate to have low electric bills and they mess up everything they touch.  Look at our phones for instance.
Ohms-Burchett Enterprises, LLC

I think the Federal Government should not change things at all!  Everyone I know complains about their high electric bills.  So no, we don’t want that.    
Cindy Bugarin

Far as I’m concerned keep the federal government completely out of the PUD.  Remember, we are the government, they are just elected officials, to run it.  We all lose site of that fact, because they try to control too much as it is.   
Dennis Dorey

When the Feds get their fingers in something no good ever comes out of it.  Douglas County PUD has done an excellent job running our power production & distributing system.  I say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
Robert Puffenbarger

As a family of 5, we cannot afford for rates to increase.  When you live on one income, any increases would be a huge burden with people on limited income.  Thank you for the info.    
Ray Pearson

Leave it like it is now.     
Earl Fike

Leave our PUD as it is.  It is very unfair to Seniors on fixed incomes to have to go thru such a horrid change.  Stop FERC changes before they begin.  Thank you.       
Lloyd Oestreich

The federal government does not need to regulate our power.  They already have enough on their plate that they are having trouble with.       
Neal Hann

Please don’t let the Federal Government take over our PUD.  In my 74 years of life I’ve never seen benefit from Federal Government take over or management.      
Allen Chellis

This is the time for honesty and fair dealings in matters of money.  The water that runs the turbines is free from the Lord who wants a just balance in all things.  To manipulate to any interest is a point of greed.  Is that honesty & fair.  Answer is NO.      
Rev. Doris M. Malone

Thanks for joining the Northwest Power Works & opposing the above proposals of FERC in order to protect ratepayers!  I will help you any way I can!      
Stephen Love

We are very happy with our P.U.D. just the way it is!      
Beck & Delbert Sterley

I think Douglas Co. PUD is running like a well oiled mach. & serving us well. So why try to fix something that don’t need fixing?  We surely don’t need more regulation that will alter the service we enjoy now. 
Oswald King

Changes are not needed.  Please stop these FERC changes!  We are happy with things as they are.
Betty Johnson

I’m saying “No”!  I don’t think we need the federal gov’t involved in our PUD.  You have done a wonderful job so far.  Keep up the good work.  It is greatly appreciated.    
C.M. Bayless

As seniors on a fixed income we really can’t afford any higher bills and everything is working good the way it is now, so lets keep it that way.  Thank you for the good job you are doing!       
Jack Aman

Why in the world would we want to change our existing program that has worked well at lower costs?  This is a NO brainer!  Government causes more money spending and less to our customers most usually.  Look at the postal system.     
Connie Powell

Comments received the week of  8/12/02

We don’t need or want RTO West.  I don’t think we need FERC either.
Dan Bertrand

Dear Feds/FERC,  Leave the system alone.  Thanks ever so much and go sit in the corner.
John Repass

As a widow on S.S. raising one child, I feel with the price of electricity that it is now, that I’m getting a break.  I pay enough in property taxes & live here so the electricity helps offset cost of living.  Thank you.     
Marlene Hickman

You are doing very well now.  Let’s don’t change.      Ellen Artley

Anytime corporate structure or federal rule comes into the picture, the little man pays the price.  I grew up in a government project where waste was rampant.  Leave it alone.
Louis Ruggles

I agree completely with what this brochure says.  Thank you.
Elaine Monesmith

Our PUD is doing a great job!  Leave them alone!!!  There is already enough control over we the people by our federal government.  Thank you.
Timothy & Pamela Doneen

I feel that the Douglas County PUD is providing excellent service at amazingly low rates.  Good job.    
Jeff Whitney

Will you please not make the changes you are considering that would raise our rates.  It is so hard for me already.     
Jean Johnson

Tell FERC to keep their nose out of our business.  We don’t need them to foul up our area like they have in other places.  Thank you.    
Thomas Oelke

Yes – I think the FERC will cause our energy bills to go up and will disregard the history and theory of our PUDs.  I am greatly opposed.         
Louise and Jim Buchanan

I agree with the PUD on this issue.  If this goes through, it will not be good for this part of the state, probably the entire N.W.          
Doyle Weatherford

We do not like what you are telling us about FERC!!!      Ron Partridge

Get signatures.  Put it to vote – send a signature card against this to be returned w/payment.  
Vonda Dorner

Comments received prior to  8/12/02

I like the way you folks do business!  You’re good – don’t let the government mess things up.     
Ray Smith

The system is not broken so why “fix” it.  Leave us alone.     
Barbara Barron

In previous attempts you have shown respect in full consideration for your customers.  We trust you will continue in our best interest.  Please:  No “RTO” ~ No FERC” 
Lu Thornton Weaver

The federals never regulated anything for the good.   Look at schools, social security, fish, taxes.  They make Enron look like school kids.  
Robert Bagdon

No changes, please!!  Why any changes??  Not necessary.  You can bet we (Northwest) will be on the short end of the stick!  We need to control our own power and water.  
Betty Gackstetter

Amen.   Joe Spradlin

No!   Claude Case

We’re on a fixed income and seniors.  Everything is going up especially our medical coverage.  We can’t take the light bill going up, too.  Please don’t let this happen.
Tilman & Frances Brooks

I urge you to resist these absolutely ridiculous changes thought up by people who are out of touch with reality.  Keep up the good work opposing the FERC!  
Wayne & Dorotha McGee

I think the “FERC” plan as outlined on the front of this notice “stinks”.
LaVerne & Anastasia Provo

I think we pay too much for the electricity and this is not fair and don’t believe for the changes.
Vincente Cortez

Keep the federal government out of local business.  They cannot take care of their self. 
Billy Mooney

I don’t want any changes!     
James Burgess

I vote “no”.  Federal government already controls too much of our lives.  Thanks for your hydro parks.  It is appreciated by most of us.     
Judy Hamilton

No changes – leave things as they are.     
Chris Kearny

Keep up the good work.  We do not need more “coasties” over here trying to run things like they have screwed up on the West side and in California.         
Michael Vanderhorst

What you think is right – go for it.    
W. W. Juette

We want our PUD to stay the way it has always been.  Taking care of its customers in a cheap, reasonable way!     
Joe and Mary Carl

*Stop FERC changes!  NO – FERC!     
Lorree Dixon     

 I feel we need less government control – not more. 
Thomas Dunlap

Living on Social Security, I need to keep all costs as small as I can.  I hope you can keep costs as low as possible.     
Claudia Clark

We are very happy with the service and price of electricity from the Douglas County PUD.  Please lets not change it.     
David Martin

 We are very pleased with the way Douglas County PUD is taking care of our electrical needs.  We see no need for the FERC to make any changes.  We respect the excellent management of the local PUD and other agencies would do well to follow their example!  Thank you!  No changes, please!!                
Don & Darlene Peterson

It is hard enough to survive on a fixed income without government inflicted price increases on necessity products!     
Herbert Boehm

 Stop FERC.      Ken Shores

I am pleased with the way Douglas County PUD works.  Please keep it the same.       
Roberta Jones

Tell the FERC to go jump in the lake and drown.  We don’t need them here.     
Judy Radach

 If it don’t need fixed – don’t mess with it!     
Leora Johns

We have to keep our electrical power control in local management.  Come to us for excess power and continue government control with BPA.  We do not need another layer of bureaucracy.  We do not need RTO West. 
Elmer Agens

The federal government regulates enough!  Things always get worse when they try or do take over.
Donna Kay Holly-Bostwick

I oppose any change to the way our PUD is now operated.  Please do what you can to keep things the way they are.     
Ronald Smith

How can I affect the Fed BS.  I’m certainly willing to help.      
Richard Carmack

We don’t need FERC here.  We get along fine.       
F. J. Reeves

Why do our electric bills go up when we are the one with the electricity to sell.  Shouldn’t ours be really low?   
James Wyatt

If the system is working well for us – don’t change it.  Particularly at Great Expense to those that use the system.     
Harold McLean

 No, No, No, No rate increase!      
Jacobson Farms

We are against any “FERC” plans that disrupt your management of the best rates we’ve enjoyed all the years we have lived in Douglas County, 70+ years.  Don’t go for any “schemes” being offered!
Vernon & Neva Maw

No more agencies.  No to RTO West!  Please!
Donald Alishio

I am opposed to energy price manipulation or FERC changes.  I shall contact my Congressman. 
Rose Stehr

Keep up the good job – keep the changes down.  We’ll contact our Washington people.  
Fred Fowler

Due to unemployment and time of economic downturn, we need to keep costs down.  We do not need another organization to run things.  We need to keep the controls at the local level.  Why fix things if they aren’t broken.
Michael McCarl

We don’t need more bureaucracy.     
Frances Shinn

No rate increases!  Bills are very hard for many people!     
Martin Olsen

We also believe that we don’t need or want the FERC involved in our wonderful corner of the country.  Please keep the control of our power in local hands!!     
Roger Cumbo

Please fight the proposal the government has in mind to alter the way utilities buy, sell and transmit our electricity!!  Our Douglas PUD does not need these changes.  Protect us – we support you!!
Larry Mathews

No to FERC – keep our power locally, controlled locally, benefit locals.
Lowell Rainey

I have emailed Senators Cantwell and Murray and Representative Hastings in opposition to what appears to be an added tax for no reason.  If it’s not broken, don’t change it.     
Howard Parrett

Hello,  The federal government needs to keep their overspending, inept, non-accountable hands off our PUD.  
Ron Linn

Our rates are among the lowest in the country.  I would not like to see anything increase them.
Roy and Joan Hinderer

Please do not allow the two FERC proposals to regulate our power structure!!  
Ernest Holland

We give up many natural benefits to obtain hydropower.  We give up our natural waterways and a lot of fish for these dams.  The power, therefore, should be ours.  Any savings should be returned to sustain the fish and improve environmental conditions.     
Myra Walter

I like my bill the way it is.  This amount I can afford.  Don’t change a thing.
Donald and Hazel Wallace

Can’t you just leave well enough along?  We don’t need any more new ways of spending our money – enough is enough.     
Gil Morgenstern

No – Leave our power alone.     
Maxine Galloway

We don’t need any more regulations.  We don’t need bureaucrats in WA, DC telling us how to run our business.  The Feds think because their rates are high, ours should be, too.  
Ron Towne

When the Federal government becomes involved, prices will go up and service will suffer.  Do. Co. PUD is well managed – leave it alone.
Willie Ohler

We are glad you feel this way, and if Northwest Power Works will protect ratepayers, we are all for this.  Please let us know if we need to sign something.     
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gibbs

No FERC please!  Every time the federal government gets involved, things go to ** in a hand basket.
Ralph Bessett

Stay with what we have.     
The Logsdon’s

I do not want this new thing.  Congress please stop FERC.  We don’t want any outside dictation.
Leona Adams

On moving here from California, I was very pleasantly surprised at the affordable utility rates.  Thank you!   
Esther Browne

Why is FERC proposing these changes?  It seems we’re doing well on our own already, so why are these needed?  Will there be a town meeting regarding these proposals?     
Russ & Carisa Haven

Every adult in Douglas County has sense enough to appreciate our PUD system and Commissioners.  Keep trying to keep the federal government away. 
Douglas County Cemetery

Systems we have now work well for Pacific Northwest and an additional bureaucracy is not in our best interest.  California screwed it up.     
Phil & Marilyn Northrup

I have built and designed diesel powered generators for years.  Hydropower is the best!  We should not pay more for something that has been in place for years.     
Gary Swanson

FERC – Get lost!!   Janet Brittin

I agree with you.  It seems when government tries to make things better, it ends up costing more and helping less.  
The Tidwell Family

We don’t want the changes that changes our rate to pay for our electricity.  We have been pleased with the rate we pay.     
Helen Cutright

We are against federal government having control over the PUD.     
Joe Hall

Stop FERC changes!!      Lorena Mathison

As one who paid “Bonneville” prices for electricity for 47 years in Oregon, I really appreciate the PUD here in Douglas Co.  Let’s keep it the way it is.    
Alma Pugsley

We don’t want higher electricity bills.  Please don’t create changes that will drive the cost of heating our homes even higher. 
Daniel Phelps

I for one choose not to pay any more than necessary for power. We have all the water to keep it lower.  I do not wish to line the pockets of any C.E.O. or RTO or anyone to steal what is ours. 
Shirley Weed

Thanks for your efficiency!!  The FERC is not needed – first to increase cost by having more employees.  The PUD directors are doing excellent job with managing – Do Not Need More Rules.     
Loraine Bahr

Go after them (FERC) and keep our rates under your control! 
Dennis & Sons Orchard

I would like things left the way they are.     
Wayne and Deanna Rice

Tell the government not to make changes in the electricity system that will cost me more money. I’m happy the way the Douglas PUD does their business.     
Dorothy Murison

No more changes.     
Gloria & Richard Ruffle

I can recall when PUDs were planned.  The arguments were basically generated from eastern states.  Seems they didn’t want cheap electricity out of their control.  I strongly oppose an RTO West.     
Donald Smith

Douglas County PUD is dong a very good job.  We want to keep the federal government out of it.  Too many bosses cost too much money.
James Dockins

We don’t want RTO West to take over.  What can we do to help prevent this?  
The Quills

Our power is reasonably priced now.  I am in favor of keeping the power as reasonable as possible.  I say no to energy price manipulation.
Carl Malone

So hard for us to write so I don’t have our rep in Congress.  We say we agree with you and say no to the federal government interfering with our power in the Northwest.  They have their fingers in too much of our life as it is.  Hope this counts as a no vote.  Thank you.  We are among your senior citizens.
Robert Mason

I vote NO.  We don’t need anyone hiking our bills higher.  We don’t need any changes!! 
Catherine Ritz

We do not need federal interference with our Do. Co. PUD.
Catherine Hayes

After Enron you would think they would learn!  Keep fighting them. 
Ron Nelson

We are proud of PUD.  “No” to energy price manipulation.  Thank you for your service.  
Betty and Clarence Tucker

We need total accountability for our money not more ways to spend it.     
Terry Parten

You've got your noses in too much and this country will pay one day - so keep your BLOODY noses out of this.       
Ralph Kisinger

We do not need any FERC changes that would cost us money.  We very strongly oppose this.  In fact, we do not need the FERC.  Government regulations are ruining America.     
John Dissmore

I work for Chelan Co. PUD and pay Douglas Co. rates and I think both Districts do an excellent job with the control of their distribution and have fair prices.  FERC only provides more hoops to jump through, (relicensing the dams) it's becoming ridiculous.     
Todd Shales

Please stop FERC's proposal to create a new bureaucracy.     
Leonard Regehr

I agree!  It is time that we the people tell the Fed. To butt out!!   
Ross Eaton           

Work to get the current Administration to adhere to FAIR and REASONABLE rates.  Energy is the foundation of our economy.     
Warren Gandy

Thank goodness you are trying to preserve the good we have in our PUD.  FERC is greedy and see a good thing for themselves.       
Pauline Graevell

Keep the Federal Government out of changes in our electrical rates.  Changes are not needed. 
Otto W. Ross

Of course I do not want the Feds messing in our power matters.  Every time they get involved, things turn up in a mess.  I definitely say "NO" to FERC.     
Lois Stephens

We’re behind you stopping this 100%.  We live where the power is made and lets keep the power rates in check for us.    
Franklin Whitmire

I do not want changes made in the electricity system.  Thank you.   
Tracy Logan

I am happy with the way our electric business is carried on and I wish the Federal Government (and anyone else) would keep their hands off of it.    
Charles Williams

There is no further need to centralize or federalize power here!  It is an unnecessary, costly and ridiculous idea.     
Jexix Whaleg

Looks to me like one more manipulation to "rob" us of everything we might have.  GREED!     
Jan Frey

We are happy with PUD Douglas Co.  We do not need to have any more government control.
Ruben & Kay Schauer

We feel the Federal Government should stay out of our local utility.  
Elby & Evelyn Collins

Please let's keep FERC out of our PUD and like it is now.  Thank you.     
Don Renner

Change is not always good; lets keep things like it is in Douglas Co.  I will check the website for more info.
Edna Best

Cutting people's buying power will lead to inflation, then depression.  So if the government "FERC" is cutting the dollars buying power, that will hasten a depression.     
F. L. Hoffman

The locally owned PUD Systems were designed and operated for local residents.  This is one reason we located here 13 years ago.  Cost of living/utilities helped us make the decision to live here.  Let's keep our lower rates for a better living environment.  Our local economy can't stand regulated rate increases by Federal Government.         
John Tomlinson

The government has not done too well keeping costs down elsewhere, so I don't want my good costs here to go up because Seattle is out of control or because California can't cope.  Please keep it local!!
Janet Leonard

I go along with your thinking, too many changes being made today that affect the ratepayer.
Celeste Terry

Tell the Feds to keep their noses out of PUD's business.  Everything is just fine.     
Ernie Young

Stay like things are.  We don't need more government.  We need to stay as independent as possible.  Thank you.     
Samuel Fox

Do the residents of the Northwest have enough "clout" to stop this move?  Where do the politicians have their heads?  It certainly is not in the benefit of the public sector of the Northwest.        
Janice Stearns

We say "Just Say No!!!"     
Ken & Sheila Kissel

We have too many regulations now.      
Dan Sapp

I am pleased with the Douglas County PUD as it is.  We do not need any change or "FERC."  Thank you. 
Wanda Blevins

I don't believe there should be an increase in the power rate; things are out of sight already.  We don't need anything else.  Thank you.     
Helen McCollum

Leave it alone.      
Mae Tofte

Please, we do not need any more changes in the electricity system.  The Federal Government does not have to govern everything.  In some things, the government doesn't always protect the ratepayers and I believe this is one of them.       
John & Glenna Post

We agree with Douglas PUD in opposing the government proposals. 
Bill & Joan Jared

Please do everything you can to keep our rates down.  People are really being hurt by what is going on in our country.     
Norman C. Richard

FERC has no place with the local PUD's.  We are publicly owned for a reason!!      
Cheryl Rich

I support your proposal to oppose the Federal Government from making changes that will cost me money.
Harriett Davies

No to government control.
Mrs. Howard Prey

We do not want any more Federal Regulations.  We are pleased at the way the PUD is being operated.  Why change something that is already good.  Thanks for a good job.     
Pat & Betty Breen

Fight that FERC with all you got.  We don't need the Fed's dictating to us!     
W. V. Dorn

Dear Federal Government:
Additional layers of bureaucracy are not needed.  Leave well enough alone.  What we have now is just fine.     
Dwight Jensen

I would like to see services remain as they are at present.  We don't need more bureaucracy.
Melanie Dean

I agree with you.  If it works good, don’t mess with it.    
Charles McGary

The FERC wants changes that would only provide me with a higher bill.  I agree with Douglas PUD.  They are not needed.
Joe Brooks

I don't believe we need our power rates raised, as agriculture has problems making ends meet now.
D. N. Weaver

Please keep our power prices down.  Anything that works, don't fix it.  Let us have reasonable rates.
Clarice & Ray Morgan

I believe this will create another bureaucracy in which the taxpayer will pay some very large salaries.  Also, ratepayers are usually ignored when board members are appointees rather than being elected.  Sounds like another Enron.  Douglas County PUD management is doing a great job! 
Loyal Robinson

My income is not increasing and won't, so let's be frugal.  Thanks for the clues. 
Hugh Bozarth

I believe if someone else wants power, they should pay for it.  But it should not reflect on our bill.
Harold Running

I appreciate our low utility rates and do not support actions that would increase rates.     
Maureen Hanson

Whatever gives me such low rates as we have now and such very good service is all I want, Join nothing.
Mrs. N. E. Stannard

Tell the U.S. Congress to leave our power alone.  Stop messing with something that works well for the hard working people of the Pacific Northwest.        
Eugene & Edith Bendotti

If this happens, what are we, who are on the limited income (senior) supposed to do?  Our utilities alone are running $1,509 plus a year.  That 's over $100 a month.       
Edna Germain

Let's keep local control, one thing we don't need is another bureaucracy.      
Robert H. Feil

No, we do not need any higher electric bills.  Just because other states can't keep up with the demand doesn't mean we should pay for it. 
Norman Shaw

Say No to energy price manipulation.  Say to the Federal Government not to make changes in the electricity system.     
Eddie Miller