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Douglas County is a Hydropower County

Douglas County is a Hydropower County

Douglas County PUD receives approximately 97% of it’s electric power from the District’s Wells Dam. Wells Dam is unique in it’s design of combining the powerhouse, spillway, switchyard, and fish facilities in a single structure. Termed a hydrocombine, Wells Dam was designed by Bechtel Corporation of San Francisco. Commercial generation began on August 22, 1967 at a cost of $202 million. Wells Dam is 1165 feet long and contains 10 generating units which can produce 840 megawatts of power. The eleven gated spillway openings can pass a flood of over 8,800,000 gallons of water per second. Douglas County customers can be proud of this fine energy resource. Hydropower: CLEAN, RENEWABLE, SAFE, DEPENDABLE.

Can You Answer These Questions Regarding Your Douglas County PUD?

1) How do you alert Douglas County PUD in case of a power outage?

2) What should I do in case of a power outage?

And The Answers Are:

1) Call 884-7191 or 1-800-503-7990 for the East Wenatchee office or 686-4501 for Bridgeport. We will need to know your address in order to locate the problem. You may also be asked for your name and phone number so we can call you back for more information or to check with you when power has been restored.

2) Turn off your furnace or air conditioner until power returns. By doing so, you help hold down the initial surge when power is being restored. Leaving a light on will let you know when your electric service returns. You will also want to turn off sensitive electronic equipment like computers, VCR’s, stereos, etc. You should always use a good surge protector to guard susceptible devices.

Hint: Call Before You Dig - If you are planning to do some landscaping or fence building, please be aware of the danger of digging into an underground power line. To prevent accidental dig-in, "Call Before You Dig" at 663-6111, two days prior to your work schedule. This will enable local utilities to mark the underground location of power, water or telephone lines.