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Douglas County PUD and "Deregulation"

Douglas County PUD and "Deregulation"

Douglas County PUD was formed to reliably and cost effectively provide essential public services to the residents and businesses of Douglas County. Our primary function is to provide electric service to the county. This is done by transmitting power generated at the Wells Hydroelectric Project to the Douglas and Foster Creek Switchyards. It is then distributed to all Douglas County residents. It is most important to all Douglas County residents that this operation continue.

There is a lot of talk today about restructuring the electric industry - deregulation. Big money in the east is telling congressional members that customers want "choice". Perhaps customers do want choice in those areas where they are paying 10 or 12 cents per kilowatt hour of electricity. Our Douglas County customers currently enjoy the lowest electric rates in the nation, and have for some time. We have been able to do this with choice. It has been done through the authority vested in our local Board of Commissioners. That local control choice has provided contracts and investments made in open decision making sessions that have benefited every Douglas County consumer. We can be proud of our District, its financial condition and our ownership in Wells Dam. People rely on electricity as an essential service. We want it to be reliable and at low cost. Wells Dam has provided the low cost and your local PUD, the reliability. So you see, we have choice right now - without deregulation.

And in Addition:

Your Douglas County PUD has a new way of providing a little extra cash and peace of mind during the holidays. One size fits all and you don’t even need to wrap it up. It’s a gift certificate from your Douglas PUD.

This unique gift allows people to buy electric power for a family member or friend. Available in any amount, the gift is credited to the recipient’s account. The District will provide you with the certificate which you can include with a holiday card. At this time of year when finances are stretched, this gift can be especially appreciated. To get a gift certificate, simply stop in either the East Wenatchee or Bridgeport office. Our Customer Service Department will be glad to assist you.

Thank you for using this insert as one way of staying in touch with us. We heard a request loud and clear - you wanted return envelopes for making your payments. That request has been filled. Also, we have a supply of the current biennial financial report. Should you wish to receive a copy, just indicate that request on this form and send it in with your next payment. We’ll get it out to you right away.

And may we add our warmest "Happy Holidays" greetings from the Commission, management, staff, and employees of your local, consumer-owned Douglas County PUD.