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Fiber Optics for Douglas County

Fiber Optics for Douglas County

To better serve Douglas County residents and businesses, Douglas PUD is continuing to find ways to improve its operations through the application of emerging technologies.

Computer-networking technology has allowed our society to gather, process, store and share information at an ever-increasing rate.  Although the amount of information may seem overwhelming at times, we have barely tapped the technology resources available to process this information.  Douglas PUD is in the process of replacing yesterday’s communication systems with systems employing the most flexible information technology infrastructure known today – fiber optics.

Douglas PUD was recently faced with the need to replace some of the systems used to monitor, control and manage its electric system.  Microwave radio links used in the past are no longer adequate for the telemetry needs of modern electric utility operations.  Fiber optic cable and networking technology will provide the foundation for the high-speed data systems required to meet your power needs in the 21st century.  Many of Douglas PUD’s substations are now connected through a fiber optic network capable of transmitting vast amounts of information at the speed of light.  This allows us to maintain our power system operations at the highest level of reliability and efficiency.  The network has the capacity to satisfy all of our data transmission needs for the foreseeable future.

The same fiber optic cables that handle our power system telemetry needs have additional capacity for carrying other information.  Douglas PUD is working to make this additional capacity available to benefit the owners of our utility.  This capacity is being made available to Eastmont and other school districts and to other public agencies in Douglas County. They will be part of the Douglas County Community Network, a system that will provide high-speed information exchange throughout the county.

Douglas County students will be able to have access to information technology equal to or greater than any other school district in the nation.  Douglas County government offices, the City of East Wenatchee, Internet and cable TV service providers and telephone companies will soon be utilizing excess capacity on the Douglas County Community Network.  The network will soon extend to Orondo, Waterville, Sun Cove, Mansfield, and Bridgeport.

In the future, the Douglas County Community Network may be available to all of our customers.  This new technology will offer tremendous communication possibilities and will place Douglas County residents on an information access par with anyone in the United States.  Douglas County PUD – Your Technology Utility.