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Holiday Safety Tips

Home means "safety" for the Holidays.  Preparing for the Holiday season is joyful and exciting.  Above all, think Safety this Holiday Season.

Here are some tips on holiday electric safety:

  • Inspect tree lights for cracked or loose sockets, exposed wires and frayed, broken or scorched insulation.

  • Never use indoor lights outdoors.

  • If you use an artificial Christmas tree, be sure that it is certified fire-resistant.

  • Don't overload home circuits with too many plugs or lights and keep extra fuses on hand.

  • Unplug all decorative lights before going to bed.

  • Be aware of overhead lines.

  • If you are making plans to trim the outside of your residence in lights this year, be sure to identify any overhead lines close to you.

  • Do not use any metal ladders or structures anywhere near these power lines.  Instead, choose alternate 'trim' areas to hang your lights or decorations.