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Holiday Tips and Winter Heating

Holiday Tips

Prepare Your Home For Winter Heating

Your heating system is the big home energy user during the winter months. And winter is just around the corner. Take time to think about saving money.

• Have your heating system serviced and replace filters if needed.

• Weather-strip doors, insulate your attic, caulk around windows.

• Insulate your water heater and hot water pipes.

• Clean the chimney and keep the damper closed when not in use.

Do Electric Bills Increase During the Holidays?

The holidays may often bring about a change in your household routine. Spending more time at home, extra baking and cooking, extra loads of laundry, more hot showers, and displaying Christmas lights may contribute to a temporary increase in your electric bill. As the holiday season winds down your electric bill will likely return to its normal level.

Unique Holiday Gift Idea From Your PUD

If you are looking for a unique gift for the holidays, Douglas County PUD may have the answer. The utility provides gift certificates that can be used to help pay a portion of a friend or relative’s PUD bill during the cold winter heating season.

To purchase a PUD gift certificate, you can simply go to either the East Wenatchee or Bridgeport office and pay the cashier the amount you want to give. The PUD will provide you with a certificate you can present to the person to let him or her use at any time they wish.

For more information, contact the Douglas PUD customer accounting department at 884-7191 in East Wenatchee; 686-4501 in Bridgeport or toll free at 1-800-503-7990.