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It's That Time Again

It's That Time Again

With such a warm autumn, you may have delayed getting ready for the cold months ahead. Here’s a list of things you should do to prepare your home for comfort and power savings:

  • Foundation vents. Use a piece of rigid foam insulation or fiberglass insulation to plug vents. Keeping the crawl space warmer will protect pipes from the cold and slow energy loss.
  • Furnace and heat pump filters. Replace or clean clogged filters to help increase the unit’s efficiency and life expectancy.
  • Furnace duct work. Use caulking or duct tape to seal duct work around seams and joints where warm air may be escaping. Close the crawlspace providing access to the duct work so dogs or cats don’t disturb duct insulation or disconnect duct work.
  • Windows, electrical outlets, baseboard moldings. To keep cold air from entering, seal cracks around stationary surfaces with caulking; use weather-stripping around sliding windows, opening doors, etc.

Be ready in case bad weather causes outages.

  • Have batteries handy for flashlights and a radio.
  • Stay away from downed lines or tree limbs on power lines.
  • Turn off all lights but one. Unplug appliances and lower the thermostat.
  • See if your neighbors are without power. If not, the problem may be in your service panel.
  • Wear warm clothing.
  • Pull drapes to save heat.
  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed.

Remember, call us first. We want to get your power turned on quickly and safely.