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January February 2010 Bill Insert

January February 2010 Bill Insert

Rural Development

In September 2009, the Douglas County PUD Commission, acting as the Board of the Electric Utility Rural Economic Development Revolving Fund, considered $249,126.32 in requests from 12 Douglas County entities. According to RCW 82.16, Douglas PUD is able to receive a revenue tax credit in the amount of $25,000 when it provides funding to rural communities for projects "designed to achieve job creation or business retention, to add or upgrade non-electrical infrastructure, to add or upgrade health and safety facilities, to accomplish energy and water use efficiency improvements, including renewable energy development, or to add or upgrade emergency services" up to a maximum of $50,000. The Board of the Electric Utility Rural Economic Development Revolving Fund approved the following six grants:

Do. Co. Fire Dist. 1 Pagers with Chargers / Mobile Radios $7,500

City of Bridgeport Irrigation Moisture Sensors $800

Do. Co. Fire Dist. 3 Equipment for Water Tender $10,000

Do. Co. Fire Dist. 5 Structural Turn-out Gear / Upgraded Radios $8,700

Do./Okan. Fire Dist. 15 New Roof for Rocky Butte Fire Station $18,000

Do. Co. Hospital Dist. 2 Radio Repeater $5,000

Total $ 50,000

Wells Draft License Application

Douglas PUD filed its Draft License Application (DLA) with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in December. This is a major milestone in FERC’s Integrated Licensing Process for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. The DLA consists of three volumes containing an Executive Summary, an Initial Statement and eight exhibits. The eight exhibits are Project Description, Project Operations and Resource Utilization, Construction History, Statement of Cost and Financing, Environmental Exhibit, General Design Drawings, Project Maps and Plans and Ability of Applicant to Operate the Project.

The main portion of the DLA is the Environmental Exhibit with its eleven supporting documents. The Environmental Exhibit’s supporting documents include the proposed continuation of the Anadromous Fish Agreement and Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP), the implementation of an Aquatic Settlement Agreement that will protect and enhance sturgeon, bull trout, lamprey, resident fish, and water quality resources found within the Wells Project. The DLA also includes final management plans for the protection and enhancement of wildlife and botanical resources, an avian protection plan and a management plan for the protection and preservation of cultural resources. Douglas PUD’s Land Use Policy that governs shoreline management activities for the 123 miles of shoreline contained within the Wells Project is one of the supporting documents in the DLA. Lastly, the DLA includes a draft Biological Assessment that was developed in close coordination with the National Marine Fisheries Service, United States Fish and Wildlife Service and FERC.

More information on Wells Project Relicensing is available at