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January/February 2005 Lighting Suggestions, Auditorium Open

January/February  2005

Lighting Suggestion

As our communities grow, people find a need for outdoor area lighting to improve safety and security. As your electric utility, Douglas PUD supports and helps to provide appropriate area lighting. We remember that street lights, area lighting and security lighting can have a cumulative effect on the night-time environment. When light spills outside the intended area and into the night sky, enjoyment of the natural environment can be diminished. For this reason, Douglas PUD currently places energy-efficient area lights that direct nearly all of the light toward the ground. As lights wear out, they are replaced with the new lights. The change can’t happen over night (pun intended), but over time and if we all work together, we can minimize the effect of area lighting on the beautiful night-time sky.

 Please see below for examples of discouraged and encouraged types of light fixtures. Douglas PUD encourages wise use of energy.

 Auditorium Open for Business! 

The Auditorium at our East Wenatchee office is once again available for non-profit community use. The auditorium has a maximum capacity of 185 people. Adequate parking for daytime use now exists in the new South parking area and evening use is continuing. Come to the East Wenatchee office to sign up for the Auditorium.