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July August 2010 Bill Insert

July August 2010 Bill Insert

New Billing System Coming Soon!

Your Douglas PUD has purchased and is installing a new customer information system. The current system, built in 1995, is no longer cost effective to maintain.

What does this mean to you? You will see some changes in the appearance of your Douglas PUD statement this fall and you will have more online options. The new system will give you the power to access your account information through the Internet at your convenience.

When the system is fully implemented, you will be able to log onto your account and view your usage history, billing history, and payment history. You will still be able to pay online using a credit or debit card. A new feature will be the ability to set up a recurring credit card payment.

There is also a paperless billing choice. E-bills will be a new feature allowing you to receive an e-mail when your Douglas PUD bill is ready for viewing and payment. Choosing paperless billing is clean and saves money. Of course, you can still choose to receive the traditional paper statement.

Stay tuned! There will be opportunities for online account set-up help and tutorials demonstrating all the new choices available at your finger tips.


The Wells Hydroelectric Project is a tremendous asset for Douglas County PUD customers. It provides clean, renewable, low-cost hydropower to our area. Even though the power enjoyed in Douglas County is among the least expensive in the nation, it should not be wasted. Here are some things you can do to reduce your consumption of this precious resource.

Raise your thermostat by two degrees to reduce your cooling system load.

Clean or change air conditioning filters regularly. Dirty filters cause air conditioners to work harder and use more energy.

Remove dust from the coils of your refrigerator and freezer so they operate more efficiently.

Close your blinds during the heat of the day and open your window during the cool evening to give your air conditioner a rest.

Turn off heat producing indoor lights and home computers when not in use. Turn off unnecessary outdoor lights.

Fire up the barbecue grill to move cooking outdoors.

Adjust your dishwasher so dishes dry without heat.