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Payment Options

You have a variety of ways to pay for Douglas PUD services. The Budget Payment Plan lets you pay your annual electric bill in equal monthly installments. Automatic Withdrawal is an option which automatically deducts your PUD payment from your checking account. (Hint: combine these two options for predictable bills and no due date worries.) We accept credit/debit card payments over the phone or on-line at www.douglaspud.org. You can mail your payment, bring it in, call it in, use the drive-up service, 24-hour drop box, or pay on-line from the comfort of your home.

We are proud to provide our customers with a variety of convenient ways to pay for Douglas PUD services.

Conservation Tips

The Wells Hydroelectric Project is a tremendous asset for Douglas County PUD customers. It provides clean, renewable, low-cost hydropower to our area. Even though the power enjoyed in Douglas County is among the least expensive in the nation, it should not be wasted. Here are some things you can do to reduce your consumption of this precious resource.

  • Raise your thermostat by two degrees to reduce your cooling system load.

  • Clean or change air conditioning filters regularly. Dirty filters cause air conditioners to work harder and use more energy.

  • Remove dust from the coils of your refrigerator and freezer so they operate more efficiently.

  • Close your blinds during the heat of the day and open your window during the cool evening to give your air conditioner a rest.

  • Turn off heat producing indoor lights and home computers when not in use. Turn off unnecessary outdoor lights.

  • Fire up the barbecue grill to move cooking outdoors.

  • Adjust your dishwasher so dishes dry without heat.