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July/August 2004 Summer Conservation, Habitat Conservation Plan Approval, Building Addition

July/August 2004

Summer Conservation

It doesn’t take money to save money on summertime energy bills.  Here are some things you can do for free to slash your electric bill:

 *Raise your thermostat by two degrees to reduce your cooling costs by up to five percent.

*Clean or change air conditioning filters monthly.  Dirty filters cause air conditioners to work harder and use more energy.

*Remove dust from the coils of your refrigerator and freezer so they operate more efficiently.

*Close your blinds during the heat of the day and open your window during the cool evening to give your air conditioner a rest.

*Turn off heat producing lights and home computers when not in use.

*Fire up the barbecue grill to move cooking outdoors.

*Adjust your dishwasher so dishes dry without heat.

Habitat Conservation Plan Approval

On June 21, 2004 the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. The HCP commits Douglas PUD to a 50-year program to ensure the Wells Project has “no net impact” on salmon and steelhead. The no-net-impact goal means the project will be virtually invisible to salmon and steelhead migrating past the dams. This is accomplished through a combination of project survival enhancements, off-site hatchery programs and habitat restoration work in the Mid-Columbia tributary streams. The agreement guarantees continued generation of affordable power for the continued long-term benefit of Northwest citizens.

 Building Addition

The East Wenatchee Headquarters Addition is nearing completion.  Additional office space was needed for Wells Hydroelectric Project relicensing and to provide space for a number of employees working in temporary quarters over the last several years. The 19,000 square foot addition will be a secure facility and will house Dispatch Center, Technician shop, the Information Systems department, computer network file servers and some Wells Engineering staff.

Relocating the Dispatch Center opened up the old center to be remodeled to house our Wells Project relicensing team and public library.  Having the key team members working on the relicensing of the Wells Hydroelectric Project in a central location should foster rapid exchange of ideas and information.  The public library will house a complete set of relicensing documents for public inspection.

Additional parking was necessary to meet the City of East Wenatchee’s Building Code due to the increased square footage of building space. The new entrance is on Valley Mall Parkway about a block south of the old entrance.  There are also requirements in the municipal code for parking lot and site screening landscaping.  You might notice the area immediately to the right and left of the new entrance is landscaped for minimal water usage.  The Washington State University Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners asked the Commissioners to consider drought tolerant landscaping to show the community how nice this type of landscaping can be.