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March April 2010 Bill Insert

March April 2010 Bill Insert

New Deposit Policy

Recently, the Commission adopted a new deposit policy to encourage timely payments. This policy change may affect you if you are late paying your PUD bill. Section 4 of the Customer Service Policies, with the principle changes underlined, now reads:

Your District may require an initial cash deposit as a guarantee of payment of bills for electrical service in any amount, but not less than one hundred dollars ($100.00). In the case of customers who previously have established satisfactory credit references, your District may, at its discretion, waive collection of a deposit.

After one year of continuous on-time bill payment or upon termination of service and final payment of accounts in full, the customer’s deposit will be refunded. After one year the deposit shall increase to two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) on accounts not continuously paid on time. For the first two years the District holds a customer’s deposit, at the time of refund the lesser of the rate paid by the Washington State Treasurer’s Local Government Investment Pool as of December 31st of each year or five percent simple interest will be paid on deposits held in excess of thirty days. Refunds on closed accounts will be disbursed to the customer while refunds on active accounts will be applied to the customer’s account. Deposits the District must hold longer than two years shall accrue no interest.

Repeated failure to pay on time after a deposit has been refunded will cause your District to reinitiate the deposit requirement.

On-time bill payment reduces overhead costs and helps keep electric rates low. You have a variety of ways to pay for Douglas PUD services. The Budget Payment Plan lets you pay your annual electric bill in equal monthly installments. Automatic Withdrawal is an option which automatically deducts your PUD payment from your checking account. (Hint: combine these two options for predictable bills and no due date worries.) We accept credit/debit card payments in person, over the phone, or on-line. You can mail your payment, bring it in, call it in, use the drive-up service, use the 24-hour drop box, or pay on-line from the comfort of your home. Automatic credit card payment will also be coming soon. Please contact customer accounting (East Wenatchee 884-7191 or Bridgeport 686-4501) to explore your payment options.

Protect Your Equipment

With all the sensitive electronic equipment in homes, it is important to remember Section 10 of the Customer Service Policy states: It shall be the customer’s responsibility to provide suitable protective equipment such as fuses, circuit breakers, relays, and surge protectors to adequately protect his or her equipment.


About your Rates

Douglas County PUD electric rates are determined by comparing the expected electricity need in Douglas County to expected operating and capital costs.

Your power supply comes primarily from the Wells and Rocky Reach Hydroelectric Projects on the Columbia River. When there is a lot of water coming down the Columbia at the right times of the year, our share of the dams’ output provides more than enough electricity to meet Douglas County’s needs. At times like these, the excess power is sold to other utilities that have a contractual first right to this power. The proceeds of those sales pay for a portion of the District’s operating and construction costs to hold down the amount Douglas County electric consumers have to pay. We put the balance in a savings account to use in those years when there isn’t so much water available for generation (a "dry year"). 2009 was a dry year and the same is expected in 2010.

The Commission approved a six percent rate increase effective January 1, 2010 and an additional six percent increase effective January 1, 2011 to all rate schedules. The prior rate adjustment occurred in 2002. Eight years of inflationary pressure is one of the reasons a rate adjustment is necessary. Also, your PUD will be borrowing money to finance some large construction projects intended to maintain the reliability of the electric system. When borrowing money, the credit rating determines the interest cost. Douglas PUD has a strong credit rating today and needs to maintain it. Maintaining rates sufficient to cover the costs of serving our customers is essential to the District’s credit rating. The average monthly impact of a 6% increase for a residential customer is about $3.00.

Douglas PUD still offers some of the lowest prices in the United States. Your PUD remains committed to providing you the best possible utility services at the lowest possible cost consistent with sound business principles.

A copy of the rates currently in effect is provided for your use. If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

Power Rates

From District Resources including
Hydroelectric, Wind and Solar Power:
Schedule 1, General Service

Daily Charge $0.279
KWH Charge $0.0196
Demand Charge (Monthly) $1.10/KW greater than 50 KW
Minimum Charge $7.40/mo. Plus $3.20/KW>30

Schedule 2, Irrigation Service

Demand Charge (Seasonally) $15.20/KW
Demand Charge (Monthly) $1.90/KW
Energy Charge $0.0105/KWH
Minimum Seasonal Charge $46.60
Minimum Monthly Charge $1.90/KW connected load

Schedule 3, Street Lighting And
Area Lighting Service (Daily Rate)

150/200 watt high pressure sodium $0.287
400 watt high pressure sodium $0.497
Customer Choice Options:

Schedule 4, Energy Delivery Service
(For alternate energy supplier)

Daily Charge $0.244
Energy Delivery Charge $0.0143/KWH
Ancillary Services $0.0007/KWH

Schedule 5, Alternate Renewable
Resource Service (To encourage new
renewable resources, available to
general service customers)

Charge $4.50 per 100 kWh increment

Schedule 6, Douglas County Community
Network Prices (DCCN)

Dark Fiber - No Service Level Agreement    $32.00
Dark Fiber - With Service Level Agreement    $36.00
100 Mbps Virtual Local Area Network    $104.00
100 Mbps Customer Port $26.00

Click here for 2011 Rates.