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March/April 2002 Power Charges, About your Rates

March/April  2002

Power Charges

Schedule 1, General Service

Daily Charge


KWH Charge


Demand Charge (Monthly)

$1.00/KW greater than 50 KW

Minimum Charge

$7.00/mo. Plus $3.00/KW>30

Schedule 2, Irrigation Service

Demand Charge (Seasonally)


Demand Charge (Monthly)


Energy Charge


Minimum Seasonal Charge


Minimum Monthly Charge

$1.79/KW connected load

Schedule 3, Street Lighting And Area Lighting Service (Daily Rate) 

70 watt high pressure sodium


200 watt high pressure sodium


400 watt high pressure sodium


Customer Choice Options:

Schedule 4, Energy Delivery Service (For alternate energy supplier) 

Daily Charge


Energy Delivery Charge


Ancillary Services


BPA Charge

If applicable

Schedule 5, Alternate Renewable Resource Service (To encourage new renewable resources) 

Daily Charge


Energy Delivery Charge


Ancillary Services


BPA Charge

If applicable

Energy Acquisition Charge

Market Price

Schedule 6, Douglas County Community Network Prices

Please see our DCCN page for details DCCN Prices

About your Rates

Douglas County PUD electric rates are determined by comparing the expected electricity need in Douglas County to expected operating and capital costs. 

Our power supply comes primarily from the Wells Hydroelectric Project on the Columbia River.  When there is a lot of water coming down the Columbia at the right times of the year, we generate more than enough electricity to meet Douglas County’s needs.  At times like these, the excess power is sold to other utilities who have a contractual first right to this power.  The proceeds pay for a portion of the operating and construction costs to hold down the amount Douglas County electric consumers have to pay.  

We put the balance in a savings account to use in those years when there isn’t so much water available for generation.   

During the years 1992 through 1995, due to drought conditions, there wasn’t a lot of excess power.  Through these years we drew on the bank account to maintain stable rates. 

In 1995 electric rates were increased after 15 years at the same price.  Rate increases were also approved for the 1996 and 1997 to reverse the decline of the savings account. 

The 1996 increase went into effect on schedule, but due to favorable water conditions and our decision to spread construction projects over several years, we have been able to defer the scheduled 1997 rate increase to 2002.

On February 25, 2002 the Commissioners engaged in a discussion about a number of factors affecting the reliability and financial condition of Douglas PUD.  After substantial discussion the Commission decided the rate increase could no longer be deferred.  New rates will apply to bills issued after March 31, 2002.  The average residential customer’s monthly charge will increase $2.   

Douglas County PUD Commissions and employees are proud of the low rates charged for the essential services we provide. Ours are still among the lowest prices in the United States.  A copy of the rates in effect April 1, 2002 is provided here for your use.  If you have any questions or comments please let us know.