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May June 2010 Bill Insert

May June 2010 Bill Insert

Spring is the right time to sign up for the Budget Plan!

The Budget Payment Plan lets you pay your annual electric bill in equal monthly installments. Automatic Withdrawal is an option which automatically deducts your PUD payment from your checking account. (Hint: combine these two options for predictable bills and no due date worries.) For your convenience, a direct payment authorization form is on the reverse side.

There are a variety of other ways to pay for Douglas PUD services. We accept credit/debit card payments in person, over the phone or on-line at www.douglaspud.org. You can mail your payment, bring it in, call it in, use the drive-up service, use the 24-hour drop box, or pay on-line from the comfort of your home. Automatic credit card payment will also be coming soon.

__________  Check here to sign up for the Budget Payment Plan.

PUD Account Numbers: ____________________________

Direct Payment Authorization

I authorize Public Utility District No.1 of Douglas County and the financial institution named below, to process variable entries or a set budgeted amount to my account(s). This authorization will remain in effect until I notify Public Utility District No.1 of Douglas County, within five (5) working days, that I would like to terminate this authorization.

The first payment cannot be withdrawn from your bank account until at least ten (10) days have passed from the date we receive this authorization form.

• Closing bills will not be withdrawn via direct payment.

• Accounts on a Leave Alive Agreement may not be paid through direct payment.

Customer Name: ________________________________________________

Customer Phone Number (Required): _______________________________

PUD Account Number(s) to pay through Direct Payment:


Name of Bank or Financial Institution: ______________________________

Routing Number ________________ Account Number _________________

Signature: ___________________________________ Date: _____________