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May/June 2005 Energy Conservation and Kite Safety

May/June 2005

Energy Conservation

Apple blossoms, wheat fields, and hydroelectric power are all icons of Central Washington. We are very fortunate to enjoy such abundant resources. Our job as citizens includes taking good care of the resources entrusted to us. Each person has a role in this stewardship.

 Douglas County PUD is the owner and operator of the Wells Hydroelectric Project. In operation since 1967, the Wells Project is a wonderful asset that benefits the customers of six northwest utilities in an environmentally responsible manner. Of course our primary interest is the benefit of low-cost electricity provided to the more than 16,000 homes and businesses in Douglas County. 

 Clean, renewable, cost effective hydroelectric power helps to make  Central Washington a place where we all love to live. Each of us can do our part to keep it that way by making wise use of electricity. We encourage all of our customers to practice good energy conservation practices to help our electricity supply last for many years.  

Kite Safety

Let’s go fly a kite…but let’s do it safely!  Fly kites in open fields, away from power lines.  Use dry, clean kite string, never use wire. Don’t put foil or metal on your kite.  

If your kite should drift into a line, LEAVE IT ALONE!  Call your nearest PUD office and we’ll give you a hand.   

Parents, please remind children of these important safety rules!