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May/June 2000 Trees and Power Lines, Window Caulking, Remodeling?

May/June 2000

Trees & power lines don’t mix

If your springtime gardening plans include planting trees, look up first.  If you see an overhead line, don’t plant a tree—even a small one—underneath.

Fallen limbs can create power outages or interruptions.  Falling a tree can pull dangerous live wires to the ground. 

Children climbing trees that have grown into power lines are playing near trouble.

Help avoid these dangers and don’t plant a tree under powerlines.

Douglas PUD is Online

For information about electrical safety, recreation, service assistance, conservation, District policies, job listings, Commission meeting updates or just about anything regarding your electric service, you can find the answer on the world-wide web at http://www.douglaspud.org/

Planning to Dig?  Planting Shrubs?  Building a Fence?  Adding Sprinklers?


State Law requires two working days advance notice

Window Caulking

Spring is the season for annual maintenance of your home and yard.  You probably have a routine list of items to do each year.  But do you remember to check the caulking around the windows?

Each year you should inspect the caulking around each window, and if it is cracked, it will need repair.  Scrape the old caulking off with a utility knife and reapply caulk.  Your local hardware store can recommend a caulk to fit your application.

Failure to maintain the seal around your windows may lead to water seeping into your walls causing dry rot and damage.  So, add check windows to your annual “to do” list.

Are you remodeling, building or changing your electrical system?

If you have plans to make significant changes in the way you use electricity in your home or business, Douglas PUD needs to know. 

Changes could include:

  • Installing a heat pump or additional heating

  • Replacing a gas or oil furnace with electric heat

  • Installing a spa

  • Installing an electric water heater (to replace gas)

  • Adding on to your home or any building

  • Changing or adding large equipment or motors

By notifying the PUD ahead of time, we can assess the effect on the power transformer serving you.  If necessary we will replace the transformer in order to provide you with more reliable electric service. 

Please contact Douglas PUD’s Distribution Engineering Department with this information by calling 509-884-7191 or 800-503-7990

Safety Tips

Thinking about working or playing outdoors?  Keep these safety messages right up front in your mind! 

  • Carry ladders and long-handled tools parallel to the ground, where they can’t get into overhead lines.

  • Place ladders or install antennas where they can’t possibly fall into lines.

  • Get a professional to trim trees that have wires running through them.

  • Fly kites or model airplanes far from power lines.  And let us untangle anything that   gets caught.

  • Don’t ever climb a tree with power lines running through it.

  • Call before you dig.  We can tell you the location of our underground lines.