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May/June 2004 Public Power, Billing Practices

May/June  2004

Public Power
What does this mean for you?

Douglas County PUD is one of more than 2000 public power systems providing power on a not-for-profit basis in the United States. Not-for-profit means power is provided at the cost of producing and delivering that power.  There are no stockholders expecting dividends from the power rates.  If you are a resident of Douglas County, you control the PUD by electing the Commissioners who set policies and hire management to operate the utility.  This provides local control over the utility and responsiveness to the wishes of our customer-owners. This also means economic benefits of local ownership remain in the community in the form of low power prices. 

 Billing Practices

Why is my bill rounded to the nearest dollar?

Rounded amounts help us hold down costs by reducing or eliminating balancing problems for our cashiers. It also makes your transaction time faster. The theory behind rounding is that over time, the rounding approximates zero.  That is, the rounding up and rounding down cancel each other out.  We have tested many accounts and found the theory to be true. 

 Why do I get a bill every other month?

By billing you every other month, we are able to decrease our meter reading and bill preparation costs.  This method results in a long time between when you receive service and when the service is paid for.  Consequently, your bill is due upon receipt.  

What are my payment options?

You have a variety of ways to pay your PUD bill. The Budget Payment Plan lets you pay your annual electric bill in equal monthly installments. Automatic Withdrawal is an option which automatically deducts your PUD payment from your checking account. (Hint: combine these two options for predictable bills and no due date worries.) We accept credit and debit card payments also. Douglas PUD pays an administrative fee to make the credit card payment option available for your convenience. You can mail your payment, bring it in, use the drive-up service, or 24-hour drop box. The payment method is your choice. Let us know if you have questions or wish to change your method of payment.