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May/June 2006

May/June 2006

Wind Power

Douglas PUD has been monitoring wind speed and direction in an area north of Withrow since 2001.  The positive findings of that research caused the District to investigate the feasibility of developing a wind project in that area.  This investigation included continued wind monitoring at different heights above the ground, numerous environmental studies, botanical studies and animal surveys. 

Your Douglas PUD is considering building a wind project with ten 1.5- Megawatt (MW) wind turbine generators, yielding a total generating capacity of 15 MW. The anticipated output is enough to power approximately 2,400 homes. 

To finance this project, the District has applied for an allocation of Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs). CREBs are essentially interest-free tax credit bonds. They are issued for building renewable energy projects. Bond purchasers receive a federal tax deduction instead of being paid interest by the bond issuer.

The development of a wind project by Douglas PUD will ensure that control over this new resource stays in the hands of the citizens of Douglas County. A wind project is consistent with the PUD’s longstanding practice of providing clean, renewable power like the electricity generated at the District’s Wells Hydroelectric Project.