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Preparing for the year 2000

Preparing for the year 2000

You may be aware of possible problems related to the date change that will occur at midnight on December 31st, 1999 - when the year changes to 2000. This is often referred to as "Y2K" or the "Millennium Bug". The possible problems are related to the way computer programs were coded to accept only two digits as a year indicator and how they process a leap year. If the system only examines the last two digits of the year, the change to year 2000 may look like 01/01/00, and cause some unpredictable results. Your Douglas County PUD deals with complex multi-system problems often. Because of the potential impact of the Y2K problem, your Commissioners and PUD employees are dedicating resources in an aggressive effort to correct these problems and assure continuous power delivery into the next century.

Douglas County PUD’s Y2K Project addresses date change issues through a multi-phase program designed to avoid system problems. The awareness and assessment phases of the project are well under way, and include a detailed inventory of all electronic devices, examining all software systems, and evaluating the way dates are handled by each of these systems. Next, the systems are sorted and resources are allocated according to the relative impact each system has on critical generation, transmission, distribution and business operations. Douglas County PUD is relying on a combination of live testing, compliance verification from suppliers and information from other utilities to help determine the Y2K response of various electronic devices. Devices known to be Y2K compliant will remain in service. Devices that are not Y2K compliant are being modified, upgraded or replaced as part of the renovation and implementation phases. The validation phase includes testing, adjustments and more testing.

Though the Y2K Project at Douglas County PUD is designed to avoid problems and provide uninterrupted service, there are certain factors that remain outside of our control. Douglas County PUD is working with businesses and suppliers to assure that all new systems are Y2K compliant, and that business functions remain unaffected. We are developing strategies and revising existing contingency plans to help minimize the impact to Douglas County PUD customer/owners in case other members of the power community experience problems. In short, we are diligently pursuing a course of action that we believe will result in reliable power delivery to the customer/owners of Douglas County PUD into the next millennium.

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