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Public Power Is Your Power

Public Power Is Your Power

Public Power refers to an electric utility operated by a municipality, county, state or other public body or member-owned organization. For over 100 years, Public Power has served as an alternate to privately owned power companies. Formed in 1936, Douglas County P.U.D. is one of more than 2000 public power systems providing power on a not-for-profit basis in the United States. Not-for-profit means power is provided at the cost of producing and delivering that power. There are no stockholders expecting dividends from the power rates. If you are a resident of Douglas County, you own the P.U.D. and you elect the commissioners who set policies and hire management to operate the utility. This provides local control over the utility and responsiveness to the wishes of our customer-owners. This also means that the economic benefits of local ownership remain in the community supporting local economic development, assisting with low-income weatherization and paying taxes that support local schools and communities. Public Power. Two little words with very large meaning.

Can You Answer These Questions Regarding Your Douglas County P.U.D.?

1) Where is the electric power generated that you use?

2) How do the electric rates at Douglas County P.U.D. compare with the electric rates of other P.U.D.s?

3) What is the Mission Statement of your Douglas County P.U.D.?

And The Answers Are:

1) Primarily from Wells Dam. Completed in 1967, Wells Dam has been supplying Douglas County with its electric power needs for over 29 years.

2) Douglas County P.U.D. rates are among the very lowest rates found throughout the U.S.

3) "To provide the best electric power service at the lowest possible cost consistent with sound business principles".

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