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Water Cycle, EW Tax and DC RX plan

January February 2009

Water Cycle

Hydrocycle copy.jpg

In November 2006, Washington State voters approved Initiative 937 which requires utilities (with more than 25, 000 customers) to meet energy conservation targets and have a certain percentage of renewable resources in their portfolio.  The definition of eligible renewable resource in the initiative does not include hydroelectricity. Therefore, the power from Columbia River dams is not considered renewable.  How can electricity generated using water not be renewable?  The Washington State Legislature is considering changes to the law during the 2009 session. 

East Wenatchee Utility Tax

As authorized by the Revised Code of Washington 35.21.870, municipalities have the authority to levy up to a 6 percent utility tax on utility accounts within city limits.  Starting in February, East Wenatchee will be joining Bridgeport, Mansfield and Waterville in levying the utility tax. The tax will show up separately on your statement under the Current Charges section titled East Wenatchee Utility Tax. Douglas PUD will collect this tax from customers within the city limits and pass it along to the City of East Wenatchee. As a Public Utility District, Douglas PUD pays other taxes including:  Public Utility Tax (Power and Water), Wholesaling Tax, Retailing Tax, Privilege Tax, Service & Other Tax and Leasehold Excise Tax.      

Prescription Card

The other insert in this statement is a free prescription discount card.  Your Douglas County Commissioners (not your Douglas PUD Commissioners), the National Association of Counties and Caremark have teamed together to bring you this discount on prescriptions not covered by insurance.  If you have questions regarding the inserted free prescription discount card, please contact Caremark at 1-877-321-2652 or www.caremark.com/naco.