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Your Advice is Appreciated

Your Advice is Appreciated

Douglas PUD has received many helpful comments as a result of these billing inserts and has tried to respond to each one.

The most common request has been for us to resume providing a return envelope with our billing. We started including envelopes several months ago. By the time you receive this, we will have the capability of excluding envelopes from bills that don’t require one. If you do not need a return envelope because you pay in person or for any reason, please let us know and we will stop sending one to you.

Another question we hear from time to time is, "Why do you round my bill?" Rounded amounts help us hold down costs by reducing or eliminating balancing problems for our cashiers. The theory behind the rounding is that over time, the rounding approximates zero. That is, the rounding up and rounding down cancel each other out. We have tested many accounts and found the theory to be true. Many years ago, the Commission incorporated rounding into the policy for bill computation at Douglas PUD, so the rounded amount is truly the amount due. We believe that this is still a valuable cost saving practice.

Information About Your Douglas PUD

The Washington State legislature has identified a number of information items that electric utilities should provide to their customers. The information they identified was and is already available to Douglas PUD customers/owners. Information, such as rates (the subject of the last bill insert), service charges, and credit policies, is available upon request. To make this type of information more accessible to you in this electronic age, Douglas PUD has established this site on the world wide web. This is a handy way for us to give you information and an easy way for you to send us feedback.

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