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DCCN Service Guide

The Douglas County Community Network (DCCN) is a cutting edge Ethernet fiber-optic network based on current generation technologies. Service providers are able to utilize the DCCN to deliver voice and data to end users at speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second. Wireless service is available in areas where fiber cable can't be deployed cost effectively.

To find out if you are in serviceable area, click HERE to view the DCCN availability map. If you are in a serviceable area, please contact an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to request service.  A list of service providers can be found HERE.

If you are not in a serviceable area, you may contact a service provider to request a full-cost estimate for bringing communication services to your area.  If the cost to bring service is prohibitive, consider talking to your neighbors about splitting the cost.  Please note, paying the full cost to make an area serviceable will in many cases make service available to other end users in that area.  Once the full cost has been paid and the area made serviceable, a new connection fee is required for each end user signing up for new service.

General Information


A conduit is an underground PVC pipe that is used as a path to run wire from one point to another. For areas where communication service is not available via overhead power infrastructure, conduit must be used. If no existing conduit path is available, the customer is responsible for installing conduit from the District fiber pedestal, fiber handhole, or power pole to the home or business.  See the District Conduit Requirements section for installation information.

New Homes & Businesses:

It is the District's policy that new homes and businesses served with underground utilities are required to have communication conduit installed from the transformer or handhole location to the home.  If your home/business was built after 2009, in most cases, you already have conduit installed for future fiber service.

Existing Homes & Businesses:

If your home or business was built before 2009, is in a serviceable area, and is served with an overhead electrical connection, the District in most cases can install an overhead cable to your location.

If an overhead service from a District power pole to your home/business is not an option, a conduit path will be required in order to install communication service.  In many cases, existing homes/businesses in an underground serviceable area do not have a viable means for the District to install underground cable.  However, in some cases, an existing conduit can be used.  A District engineer can help you determine if you have an existing viable conduit.

Factors that may prevent the District from installing service to your home/business:

  • If the transformer that serves your home/business with overhead power is located across the street, the District may not have adequate clearance above the roadway to install cable to your home.  This may require the owner to arrange for installation of a pole or service mast on your home/business to achieve the required clearance.  A District engineer can help you determine what may be needed.
  • If the transformer that serves your home/business with underground power is located across the street, the District may not be able to install cable through existing District conduit to get to your side of the street.

When signing up for service, if you are aware that a viable conduit path is not available, it is important to let the ISP and the District know when placing your request. This will help the District serve customers as efficiently as possible by eliminating unnecessary trips by engineering staff.

Applicable Standard Drawings

Please review the following standard drawings before starting construction. Drawings contain important information required for your project.

Please review the Customer Checklist below and complete the necessary items to initiate service to your home.


​Initiate a request for service to your home.
​If you are in a serviceable area:
​Contact an ISP to request service.
​Service connection fee
If you are not in a serviceable area:
Contact an ISP for an estimate to bring service to your neighborhood.
​Line extension and  service connection fees


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