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Electric Service Guides

​These guides are for new service connections. To sign up for a Douglas PUD account for a service with an existing connection, please contact Customer Accounting at 509-884-7191.

To better serve you, please fill out an Application for Service electronically and email to newservice@dcpud.org OR print and fill out prior to visiting our office.   A Service Request will be generated, using the information in this application, and emailed back to you. You will be asked to review and sign the Service Request to begin processing and engineering for your project.

The Distribution Engineering department will determine what is required to provide service to your project. Fees will be calculated based on the project type. All fees must be paid in advance of construction.

Below are PDF links to Douglas County PUD electric service guides. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 509-884-7191 or email newservice@dcpud.org .

What Type of Service Do I Need?

Secondary Service

  • Service to a new home on a lot that already has a Douglas County PUD transformer or handhole. This applies to services that are less than 150' from an existing transformer (typically subdivision or city lots.)

Primary Service

  • Service to an empty parcel/lot and/or extending a transformer to within 150' of proposed meter location. This includes installing a permanent branch, addition, continuation or replacement of the District's existing electric distribution system required to serve a proposed customer load. 

Temporary Service

  • Service during the construction of a single-family residential house, commercial building, job trailer or multi-family structure. These services are limited to 12 months unless construction is actively and continuously in progress.

Altered Service

  • Change the location of or upgrade an existing metered service

Underground Conversion

  • Convert service from overhead to underground

Three Phase Service

  • Three phase service to a commercial or industrial project. Typical available voltages are 120/208V or 277/480V

Subdivision Developers Guide


Still need help determining your service needs? Please see some examples here.

Please review the Customer Checklist below and complete the necessary items to get your service energized as soon as possible.


Application for Service or Application for Large Commercial & Developments
Detailed map or sketch of property / project
​Engineering fee (if applicable)
Before construction of your project can begin:
​Line extension and / or service connection fees
​Complete and return easements and permits

​Application and Inspections: Washington State Department of Labor and Industries Electrical Inspection AND Douglas County PUD field inspection prior to service being energized


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