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Wells Reservoir Docks and Piers

Placement of new boat docks or piers on District-owned land around the Wells reservoir is limited to inside the city limits of Pateros, Brewster and Bridgeport.

Studies show that predator fish, such as smallmouth bass, congregate around docks and piers. Docks and piers also provide velocity refuge for pikeminnow.  Summer/fall Chinook rear in the reservoir and slowly migrate out of the reservoir.  Because of the increased opportunity for predation provided by docks, Douglas PUD biologists have been concerned that the District might not be able to meet the no-net-impact (NNI) standards in the Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP).  This concern led to the limitation on the number of boat docks.

The primary intended benefit of the Wells Project is the right and ability to generate electricity at the Project. The ability to operate the Wells Hydroelectric Project in compliance with the legal requirements of the Habitat Conservation Plan and the Wells Project license forms the foundation for this District policy.

Below are links to supporting documents.

Land Use Policy Governing Docks and Piers
Staff Biologist Analysis
Chapman Report - Effects of Docks in Wells Dam Pool on Subyearling Summer/Fall Chinook Salmon
Resolution 07-373