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May          Wells East Embankme​nt / Power Rates

April          Budget Plan


April ​          Budget Plan

Feb            Ra​tes


July             Planning Ahead

May            Rates

April            Budget Plan


April             Budget Plan

Feb              Power Rates


Nov              SmartHub App - Report a Power Outage

June             SmartHub Brochure

May              How to Read Your New Bill      SmartHub

April               Sign up for Budget Plan!

March            Update Your Contact Information Please

February       Power Rates

January        Monthly Billing / If the Lights Go Out


Nov / Dec      Monthly Billing / Holiday Safety / Neighbor to Neighbor

Sept / Oct      Monthly Billing / Public Power

August           Weatherization Assistance / Look up and Live

June July       Squirrel Caused Outages / Summer Conservation

April/ May      Payment Scam / Power Rates

Feb/March     Budget Plan / Pre-Authorized Payment Form


Dec/Jan         If the Lights Go Out / Keep Warm This Winter / Portable Generators

Oct/Nov         Holiday Safety / Neighbor to Neighbor

Aug / Sept     Look up and Live / Public Power

June/July       RP3 Award / Conservation / Weatherization Assistance

March/April    Budget Plan / Pre Authorized Payment Form

Feb/May        Payment Scam / Power Rates


Dec/Jan         If the Lights go out / Keep Warm this Winter

Oct / Nov       Holiday Safety / Neighbor to Neighbor Fund

Aug / Sept      Public Power / Look up and Live!

June/July        Weatherization Program / Conservation

April/ May       Budget Plan / Pre Authorized Payment Form

Feb / Mar       Payment Scam / Power Rates


Dec / Jan        If the Lights go out / Keep Warm this Winter

Oct/Nov          Holiday Safety / Neighbor to Neighbor Fund

Aug / Sept      Public Power / Look Up and Live

June/ July       RP3 Award, Conservation Tips, Scam

April/May        Budget Plan / Direct Payment

Feb/Mar         About Your Rates


Dec/Jan         Eyes and Ears / Outages / Great News

Oct/Nov         Holiday Safety

Aug/Sept        About Your Rates

June/ July      It's Your Network Pt. 2 / Conservation / Protect Equipment

April/ May      Budget Plan / Direct Payment

Feb/Mar         It's Your Network / Online Account Access


Dec/Jan         Keep Warm / If the lights go out

Oct/Nov           Holiday Safety / Neighbor to Neighbor

Aug/Sept         Public Power / 75 Years! 

July/Aug          e-CARE/ Conservation
May/June        New Customer Information System
Mar/April         Budget Plan / Direct Payment
Jan/Feb           About your Rates


Nov/Dec         Holiday Safety / Neighbor to Neighbor
Sept/Oct         Portable Generators / Public Power
July/August    New Billing System / Conservation
May/June       Budget Plan / Direct Payment Form
Mar/April        New Deposit Policy / Protect Your Equipment / Rates
Jan/Feb         Rural Development / Wells Draft License Application


Winter             Changes to your Rates / Holiday Safety
Fall                  Portable Generators / Public Power
July/Aug           Payment Options / Conservation Tips
May/June         Identity Theft Protection/ Kite Safety
Mar/April           About your Rates
Jan/Feb            Water Cycle / EW Utility Tax


Nov/Dec           Holiday Safety / Neighbor to Neighbor
Sept/Oct           Portable Generators / Public Power
July/Aug            DCCN / Summer Conservation
May/June          Payment Options / Kite Safety
Mar/Apr             About Your Rates
Jan/Feb            Wells Reservoir / Rural Development    




Holiday Safety/ Neighbor to Neighbor 

Sept/Oct Portable Generators / Public Power
July/August DCCN / Summer Conservation
May/June Payment Options / Kite Safety
Mar/Apr About Your Rates
Jan/Feb Pre-Application Document




EPA Change a Light / Holiday Safety

Sept/Oct Public Power
Power Sales
July/August Back in Service
Summer Conservation
May/June Wind Power
Mar/Apr About Your Rates
Jan/Feb PHEV / Rural Development



Nov/Dec Holiday Lighting
Neighbor to Neighbor
Sept/Oct Wells Relicensing
July/August Unit Outage
Summer Conservation
May/June Energy Conservation
Kite Safety
Mar/Apr About Your Rates
On-line Payments
Grid West and our Transmission System
Jan/Feb Lighting Suggestions
Auditorium Open


Nov/Dec Holiday Safety
Neighbor to Neighbor
Sept/Oct Portable Generators
Public Power Week
July/August Summer Conservation, Habitat Conservation Plan Approval, Building Addition
May/June Public Power - What does that mean for you?
Billing Practices
Mar/Apr About Your Rates?
Jan/Feb Rural Development
Saving Money


Nov/Dec Neighbor to Neighbor
Holiday Safety
Sept/Oct Presidential Recognition
Renewable Power
July/August Summer Conservation
Building Addition
May/June Neighbor to Neighbor
Do you want some HELP managing your budget?
Mar/Apr About Your Rates?
Jan/Feb Economic Development
All About Douglas PUD


Nov/Dec What is a PUD?
Holiday Safety
Sept/Oct Standard Market Design
Great Feedback
August Summary of Customer Comments on Federal Restructuring Activity
July/August Here's your chance to say "No!" to energy price manipulation
What is being proposed
May/June People Power
Mar/Apr Power Charges
About your Rates
Jan/Feb Alternative energy
Helping Douglas County


Nov/Dec Holiday Safety
Conservation Tips
Sept We Give Back
Renewable Power Supply
July Helping the Region
Apr Power Crisis
News Release - April 9, 2001
Mar Generation Partnership
News Release - March 27, 2001
Feb Douglas County Citizens come through in Times of Crisis
Guest Editorial from the Douglas PUD Commissioners Lynn M. Heminger, Michael Doneen and T. James Davis


Dec As the weather turns colder ...
Checklist to reduce Electric Bill
Wind Chill Table
Oct Hypothermia
Celebrate with Safety
Fish Return
Aug Crazy Power Markets
Douglas County Community Network
July We Trim Trees
Clear the Way
Summer Savings and Cool Tips
May/June Trees and Power Lines
Window Caulking
Feb Schedule of Charges
About Power Rates
Jan Response to GTE ads and letters


Nov/Dec Holiday Tips and Winter Heating
Indoor Electrical Safety Tips
Aug/Sep Fiber Optics for Douglas County
Know the hazards of portable generators
Jan/Feb Fish Facts


Nov/Dec PUDs Can Light the Way - Again  
By Steve Johnson and Jim Davis
Sept/Oct It's That Time Again
July/Aug Preparing for the year 2000

Your Advice is Appreciated
What is an HCP?

Feb/Mar Power Markets


Dec/Jan 1998 About Your Power Rates
Oct/Nov Douglas County PUD and "Deregulation"
Aug/Sep Douglas County PUD working with Fisheries Resources
June/July Douglas County is a Hydropower County
Apr/May Are you new to Douglas County
Feb/Mar Public Power is Your Power