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Commission Meeting Report 2023-04-24

Meaghan Vibbert

Public Information Officer

(509) 881-2221

News Release – April 24, 2023

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Ronald E. Skagen, Aaron J. Viebrock and Molly Simpson executed the following actions during the April 24, 2023 Commission meeting held at the District’s East Wenatchee office:

Continued the hearings on Line Extension and Connected Load Fees. General Manager Gary Ivory made a presentation. One customer made a public comment during the Connected Load Fee hearing and it remains open. After no further comment on the Line Extension hearing, it was closed.

Approved renewal of contract 22-25-D, distribution tree trimming services for an additional year with Asplundh Tree Expert LLC. as allowed by contract. This renewal adds $600,000 to the contract and extends the conclusion to April 30, 2024. (23-078)

Authorized change order No. 1 to contract 22-61-D, supply and deliver 1100 KCMIK ERP Primary Underground cable. This change allows partial payments for materials already received. (23-079)

Approved a call for bids under bid document 23-18-W, Well 20 pump station installation. Necessary to ensure the long-term viability of the District’s hatcheries water supply. (23-080)

Authorized restatement of the Deferred Compensation plan and trust as required by IRS regulations every six years. (23-081)

Approved land use permit 4P-01, 4Q-01 (4S) and Railroad Right-of-Way permit RR4P-01, RR4Q-01 (RR4S), Martin and Nicole Robinson. The permit is for use of Project lands for existing mowed access path and pedestrian Railroad crossing. (23-082)

Authorized adjustments to certain technical, professional and administrative salaries. Adjustments to salaries to recognize performance, responsibility and job market trends are necessary to continue to attract and retain a qualified workforce. (23-083)

Approved a call for bids under bid document 23-23-D, 230 X 115 kV Substation Transformers. (22-084)

Authorized execution of a Memorandum of Understanding with Washington State Department of Transportation regarding Utility Franchises and Control Zone Mitigation. This MOU addresses issues that arose while reconsolidating the existing franchise agreements. (23-085)

Approved execution of intent to grant easement and accept easement from Global Ag Properties USA, LLC. This provides an easement through property where a future transmission line will be built in the Palisades area. (23-086)

Authorized an Interconnection and Service Agreement with Sabey Corporation. The agreement provides the terms under which Sabey will receive resources for up to 70MW through 2029. (23-087)

Starting in July, the regular meeting of the Commission will be held on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 1:30pm in the East Wenatchee office.

The next regular meeting of the Commission is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. May 8, 2023 at the District’s East Wenatchee Office. 

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