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Commission Meeting Report 2020-11-23

​Douglas County PUD Commissioners Molly Simpson, Ronald E Skagen and Aaron J. Viebrock executed the following actions during the November 23, 2020 Commission meeting held at the District’s East Wenatchee office:

Awarded Wells Project Superintendent Mike Bruno with his twenty year service award. Commissioner Simpson thanked Mike on behalf of the citizens of Douglas County for his years of service. Mike thanked the Commission and said “It was a great choice to come here. I’m very happy to work for a good company. The support for the Wells Project has been great over the years.”

Continued the budget hearing for the Distribution System and Wells Hydroelectric Project for calendar year 2021. The hearing will be held open until Monday, December 14, 2020 at 1:30 p.m. in the East Wenatchee office.

Authorized revising Schedule 6 of the Electric Distribution System Customer Service Policies to meet the changing business needs of the District’s Douglas County Community Network. (20-207)

Approved a call for bids under bid document 20-13-D, supply and deliver 115 KV and 230 KV switches to Lincoln Rock Switchyard. Necessary for isolation and sectionalizing of the switchyard components. (20-208)

Authorized a call for bids under bid document 20-29-D, supply and deliver 230-115 KV, 225 MVA, autotransformer to Lincoln Rock Switchyard. Necessary to connect the 230 kV transmission lines to the 115 kV transmission lines, increase reliability and allow more power to flow through the District’s transmission system. (20-209)

Approved acceptance of work and final payment to KRCI under contract 16-33-W, 2017-2018 forebay debris removal services for the Wells Hydroelectric Project.  All work is complete and determined to meet bid specifications. (20-210)

Authorized a general services agreement with Northwest Power Pool Corporation for individual work order for area 40 coordination. This will assist in analyzing the transmission system in the northwest. (20-211)

Approved a professional service agreement with Donnor Inc. DBA Badger Mountain Productions. Douglas PUD has a need to document District activities on an ongoing basis. (20-212)

Authorized land use permit 716-02, Christopher and Rebeca Kope. The permit is for use of Project lands for an access path. (20-213)

The next meeting of the Commission is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. December 14, 2020 at the District’s East Wenatchee Office. The District Office is closed to the public in response to the COVID-19 guidance from Governor Inslee. To comply with the Open Public Meetings act, a conference phone line number will be provided at the top of the Draft Agenda posted on our website under Latest News the Friday before the meeting. 

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